10 Best Lap Dances In Movies

Movie fans all like to watch movies for different reasons, but for the fans of hot dancing women in movies, here are the 10 best lap dances in movies. Whether strip teases are 3rd person, or in first person view, we can't complain about these awesome lap dance scenes. 

  1. "Players club." The movie "the players club" takes place in a strip club, and the beautiful Lisa Raye, among others, get naked quite a few times. The movie itself is about why women do lap dances for a living, and mostly takes place in a strip club.  
  2. "Death proof." The lap dance done by Vanessa Ferlito in the movie "Death proof" is the best dare that was ever carried out by a woman with great lips. The lap dance in the movie is carried out because a dare, so it is a great amateur lap dance that looks pretty pro. 
  3. "Domino." The lap dance in the movie "Domino" is a seductive, all out female powered lap dance that makes you want to get handled a little bit too. Keira Knightly gives an amazing lap dance with many viewers.
  4. "Honey." In the movie "Honey," Jessica Alba gives a lap dance right in the middle of many dancing women. Who can say no to that?
  5. "Lap Dancing." Of course there is going to be a few top notch lap dances in a movie with a title that states the act. "Lap Dancing" movie is about an aspiring actress, played by "Playboy's" Lorissa McComas,  that has no luck finding work, so she starts working a gentlemen's club giving lap dances. 
  6. "Showgirls." The movie "Showgirls" is one of the only movies known to have a full nude lap dance in the movie. Elizabeth Berkley gives a man a full nude lap dance while working as an entertainer. 
  7. "Zombie Strippers". If your a fan horror movies with zombies, a fan of lap dances, then this movie is for you! There are multiple lap dancing scenes that turn from a sexy scene, to a horror scene in a second. 
  8. "Strip Tease." The movie "Strip Tease" is a sexy comedy about a stripper that gets emotionally involved in a custody dispute. Demi Moore plays a stripper that ends up being in a dangerous situation when an important congressman takes a strong liking to her. 
  9. "From Dusk Till Dawn." The strip tease and lap dance done by Salma Hayek in the movie "From Dusk Till Dawn" is different from other lap dances because of the tricks the dancer does with liquor. This lap dance scene is definitely a must see. 
  10. "Sin City." The strip tease scene in the movie "Sin City" is a first person perspective dance on Jessica Alba dressed in chaps, a cowgirl hat, and a lasso. The scene in "Sin City" is special because Jessica Alba makes plenty of eye contact with the camera, so all movies viewers can get a personal dance from her. 
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