10 Best Latin Songs

Regardless of your national orientation or taste in music, you would be hard pressed not to fall in love with these 10 best Latin songs. From romantic, sweet and sometimes sad, to rhythm bumping, ass shaking beats, Latin music covers it all with a passion that is somehow different from other cultures'. If you need to elevate your mood or get the party started, these top 10 best Latin songs will not disappoint.

  1. "Bajo Otra Luz" Off of Nelly Furtado's first full Spanish album, "Mi Plan", this up-beat Latin song is perfect for dancing to and can make you feel happy in a split second. The song features Julieta Venegras who adds something really fun and interesting to the mix. The two girls seem like they are having a blast and even giggle a bit at the end of the song.
  2. "La Camisa Negra" While the lyrics to this well known Juanes song are actually pretty damn sad, the song itself is really light and beautiful. It is one of those tracks you could listen to a few times in a row and it only gets better and better. It is not only one of the best Latin songs out there, it is also one of the best breakup songs a person could desire in their time of need.
  3. "Suerte" More commonly known as "Whenever, Wherever", this Latin Shakira song hit the airwaves with a major bang. Released in both Spanish and English, it is a song that everyone could get into. It would be hard to find someone who could keep from dancing when this rhythmic song begins to play.
  4. "Hoy" Everyone knows who Gloria Estefan is, or they should. It really does not matter what language you speak to know that this is a romantically charged and borderline sexy song. Two people in love drift apart and come back together, it is a timeless idea that spans continents.
  5. "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" One of the first big hits by the murdered icon Selena, this wonderful Latin song is joyous and fun to sing. Although she is less relevant today, Selena is easily one of the most beloved of Latin artists and one of the few who were really able to cross over in the industry at her time.
  6. "La Copa De La Vida" Also known as "The Cup Of Life", the song was written for the World Cup 1998. This Ricky Martin song was actually the official tune of the major global event. Even people who do not really like Ricky Martin will enjoy listening to this hit. Plus, soccer lover will fell a nostalgia that comes only from listening to a great song.
  7. "Gasolina" When the reggaeton craze hit in the early 2000's, Daddy Yankee made a huge hit from this Latin song. In fact, it went platinum in both Australia and the United States. Warning: This song will definitely get stuck in your head even from just thinking about it.
  8. "Macarena" Though most people find this Los Del Rio song to be very annoying these days, there is no denying that it makes people smile and do that funny dance. Although the Latin dance song is by Los Del Rio, the more popular and well known version was remixed by The Bayside Boys. This infections song is almost always to be expected at every wedding from here until eternity.
  9. "Heroe" Both the English, "Hero",  and Spanish versions of this Enrique Iglesias song did exceedingly well on the charts and though it is an unarguably cheese-ball song, most ladies seem to like it. Remember the Jimmy Fallon parody of it? If you don't, look it up because he pretty much hits the nail on the head.
  10. "Culo" Who doesn't love songs about nice asses? The artist Pitbull is actually an American, born from Cuban decent. Pitbull is none the less an amazing Latin artist. Everyone loves to shake their culos to "Culo". It makes me want to go put on my tightest pants just thinking about it!
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