10 Best Law & Order Episodes

"Law and Order" is one of the best television programs around, and these are the ten best "Law and Order" episodes. These episodes stand above all others, and will keep your eyes glued to the television set.

  1. Prescription for Death. What makes this one of the ten best "Law and Order" episodes? Well how about the fact it was the very first episode that launched one of the most successful shows of all time? I think that qualifies it for being one of the best.
  2. Under the Influence. So what makes this episode so special? Probably the fact that it is one of the few that incorporate the controversial issue of the death penalty in it. This episode is one of the ten best due to its tact on a real life issue.
  3. Who Let the Dogs Out. Centering around a very unique situation, this episode makes the cut as one of the ten best episodes. Ever wonder what happens when your are mauled to death by a killer pitbull? Well watch this episode to find out.
  4. Bodies. How far does attorney client privilege go? Well, apparently this attorney takes it to the extreme. Is not disclosing the area where the killer's victims are buried aiding in a murder?
  5. Coma. What happens when you know for a fact a man is guilty, but all the evidence you can come up with is insufficient, and your only witness is in a coma? Well the suspect is found not guilty of course. Watch this episode and get ready to be frustrated with real life court issues.
  6. Sweetie. How can lying about being a male prostitute help your career? Well this man found a way, but unfortunately for him those lies have caught back up to him. This episode is one of the ten best due to its ability to find a silver lining in even the most disrespected jobs.
  7. Boy On Fire. Just as in real life, jealousy rages on in this episode. When two poor students burn a student from a prep charter school, they find deeper issues. Issues that qualify this episode as one of the ten best.
  8. Dignity. Yet another episode that tackles real life issues. "Law and Order" tackles the issue of late term abortion in this episode, and points out it's not the doctor who is morally questionable.
  9. Causa Mortis. When Jack is handed a new partner thing start out iffy. Jack is struggling to get a long with a new partner while trying to win a case without the key piece of evidence.
  10. Survivor. When investigating the untimely death of a rare coin collector, the team realizes it may not be the coins they were out for. It might have been the fact that the victim is a Jewish survivor of an infamous concentration camp. This episode has lots of twists, which makes it one of the ten best.

They all make the list for different reasons, but these are the ten best episodes of "Law and Order."

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