10 Best ‘Law & Order’ Season 6 Episodes

The 10 best "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (season six) episodes helped take the show to a new level. The season introduced a new detective, Rey Curtis, played by the young and handsome Benjamin Bratt, who replaced the long-running Chris Noth. The best of the "Law & Order" episodes also was the final appearance of series regular Jill Hennessy as A.D.A. Claire Kincaid. Here is the list of the ten best "Law & Order" season six episodes.

  1. "Aftershock" The season finale ranks at the top of the ten best "Law & Order" episodes. It was the first to break from the show's normal formula; instead of being about the crime of the week equally split between police and prosecution, instead it focused on character. The episode followed the show's regular characters, showing how each reacted to the execution of a criminal they helped bring to justice.
  2. "Hot Pursuit" Future star Amanda Peet guest starred in this episode. This entry on the ten best "Law & Order" episodes was based on the Patty Hearst case. It featured one of the more memorable twists in a "Law & Order" episode.
  3. "Humiliation" This entry on the ten best "Law & Order" episodes list was inspired by the Divine Brown incident. Instead of a celebrity, a plastic surgeon is involved. The cast must determine if a frame-up is involved.
  4. "Charm City" This episode was the first of a two-part crossover with "Homicide: Life on the Street." Guest star Richard Belzer played Detective Munch. It was concluded on "Homicide."
  5. "Encore" Comedian Larry Miller was the murderous guest star. His chilling performance was much different than his career as a stand-up comedian. It helped make this one of the best "Law & Order" episodes.
  6. "Remand" This episode was inspired by the Kitty Genovese case. Like many episodes, it focuses on a moral dilemma. Like the best, it does not offer easy answers.
  7. "Trophy" "Trophy" is another episode that deviates from the formula. A.D.A. McCoy must fight charges of forging evidence. Sam Waterston is particularly strong as McCoy in this episode.
  8. "Custody" In this episode, a biological mother kidnaps her child from the adoptive parents. The courtroom drama that follows questions the system behind adoption. Again, it does not offer easy answers.
  9. "Blood Libel" Chris Cooper guest stars as a supremacist lawyer. The showdown between Waterston and Cooper makes this one of the best "Law & Order" episodes.
  10. "Angel" This episode was based on the Susan Smith case. Detective Curtis is sucked into the hunt for a missing child. A shocking twist follows.
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