10 Best Leaving Songs

There are a few songs about arriving but many more about going so contenders are many for the 10 best leaving songs. People leave for different reasons, some for good and some for bad but either way here are the best leaving songs.

  1. "Please Release Me" Engelbert Humperdinck. He wasn't in prison but you could be forgiven for thinking he was due to his plea in this top best leaving song. The song has been done by many but who can top a man with a name like Engelbert ? 
  2. "Get The Funk Out" Extreme. OK I am tired of your complaining get the funk out.  You have to wonder if funk was cleverly substituted for another four letter word in this example of the best leaving songs. Extreme later had success with the more mellow "More than words" but they were never better than when they were telling unwelcome guests to leave.
  3. "She is Leaving Home" The Beatles. The Beatles who were young and had no adult kids managed nevertheless to write a moving song about a young woman moving out of home. It was part of the classic "Sergeant Pepper" album and instantly became one of the best songs about leaving.
  4. "Runaway Train" Soul Asylum. The band that looked as though they needed a hair wash, burst onto the scene with this contender for the best songs about leaving. It was about runaways and although a runaway hit didn't lead to much further success for the band. 
  5. "Since You've Been Gone" Kelly Clarkson. Young "Idol" winning Kelly really belted this one out with passion.  I take it she doesn't like being left alone but at least her experience spawned one of the best songs about leaving. 
  6. "Santa Fe" Bon Jovi. This Bon Jovi classic is about leaving and going to New Mexico.  Hope he likes the sand. The New Jersey crooner has made many great songs but this is the only one to make the best leaving songs list. 
  7. "Big Girls Don't Cry" Fergie. Stunner Fergie is far too hot for most men to leave but somebody almost drove her to tears. The tall, busty babe won't find that experience repeated too often but hey at least it made the list of the best leaving songs. 
  8. "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" Glenn Campbell. Someone else is headed to the southwest and this time it's not Bon Jovi but the equally talented Glenn Campbell. This heartbreaker is one of the very best songs about leaving.
  9. "The Road To Hell" Chris Rea. Usually when people are writing one of the best leaving songs they are heading somewhere nice but not Chris Rea. The husky voiced singer told us exactly what hellish destination he was going to in this classic. 
  10. "Don't You Want Me" Human League. Who wouldn't want a guy who keeps banging on about your cocktail waitress past ?  Not the girl in this song. This eighties hit is the final entrant into the list of the best leavings songs.
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