10 Best Lesbian Films

The 10 best lesbian films manage to treat their topic intimately while bringing to light ideas that might seem strange or forbidden to mainstream America, but are a norm to those living alternative lifestyles. Here are some of our favorites.

  1. “The Watermelon Woman.” Cheryl Dunye’s classic exploration of African American lesbian life tops our list of the best lesbian films.
  2. “The Final Girl.” Renegade filmmaker Todd Verow’s portrayal of lesbian obsession in 21st century Paris is one of the newest and most potent films about woman-woman love.
  3. “The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love.” Based on true events in the filmmaker’s own life, this coming of age flick is one of the best lesbian indie films.
  4. “High Art.” This fascinating independent film from 1998 is about lesbians in the New York City art world.
  5. “Go Fish.” A number of important lesbian issues are discussed in this film, which also features such arty fourth wall breakers like free-verse poetry. Certainly one of the most important and best lesbian films we’ve seen in a long while.
  6. “Bound.” Two lesbians devise a plan to rob the Mafia in this thrilling lesbian film.
  7. “But I’m a Cheerleader.” This lesbian film brought the process of coming-out to a large mainstream audience when it was released in 1999.
  8. “Desert Hearts.” A New York City professor travels to the desert in order to forget about her ex-husband and discovers the beauty of same sex relationships in the process.
  9. “Better than Chocolate.” With an outstanding performance by Karyn Dwyer, “Better than Chocolate” is simply one of the best lesbian films in terms of sheer on-screen acting dynamics.
  10. “Kissing Jessica Stein.” You can’t blame Jessica Stein for going the other way after her numerous mishaps with men in this 2001 comedy, which rounds out our selection of the best lesbian films ever made.
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