10 Best Lesbian Love Movies

The following 10 best lesbian love movies are not only ideal for lesbian couples, but they are also very stimulating for heterosexual audiences who want to develop a deeper understanding of homosexuality. These best lesbian love movies will demystify the many preconceptions people have about lesbian couples.
  1. "But I'm a Cheerleader" (1999). This award-winning film is one of the best lesbian love stories and portrays the confusion teenagers experience when they are exploring their own sexuality. The main character in the film is a high school cheerleader who suspects that she is a lesbian because she enjoys intimate acts with her female friends more than with her boyfriend.
  2. "Desert Hearts" (1985). Considered one of the best lesbian love movies of all time, "Desert Hearts" was also among one of the first films to explore female homosexuality. The film depicts a divorced college professor who moves to Reno, and is attracted to a farm girl. Initially, the professor is unwilling to accept the fact that she has homosexual tendencies, but in the end the two women have a fruitful relationship together.
  3. "And Then Came Lola" (2009).  A tribute to the avant-garde movie "Run, Lola, Run," "And Then Came Lola" is one of the most lighthearted and fun movies around about lesbian love. Lola, an absent-minded photographer, is asked to deliver some prints to her girlfriend's meeting, which will further Lola's own career. However, as usual, Lola is late for the meeting. She then attempts to make everything right, and this endeavor involves some steamy actions.
  4. "Bound" (1996). Unlike most of the best lesbian movies about love, "Bound" is packed with suspense and action. Its main character, a lesbian ex-convict, falls in love with a money launderer's girlfriend. The two women then decide to steal two million dollars from the launderer. However, things start to go wrong when a man from the mob gets involved in the plot.
  5. "Go Fish" (1994). This is a lighthearted romantic comedy that explores what brings two people together. Protagonist Max is a young and pretty lesbian who has been searching for love. When she meets Ely, she is first thrown off by how frumpy Ely is. However, they manage to work out their differences and develop a successful relationship with each other.
  6. "Head in the Clouds" (2004). This movie is often considered as one of the best lesbian love movies, as it has some extremely steamy sex scenes between Penelope Cruz and Charlize Theron. Set in Europe in the 1930s, a Spanish refugee, an Irish teacher and a French man share an apartment together. The three of them are torn apart by their political differences even though the two women have grown to develop strong feelings for each other.
  7. "When Night Is Falling" (1995). Starring two beautiful actresses, this film features a new professor who discovers that she no longer loves her husband. She then meets an acrobat who is also attracted to her. The two women then begin to explore each other's feelings and bodies, which leads to the collapse of the professor's marriage.
  8. "Better Than Chocolate" (1999). A widely successful movie about lesbian love, "Better Than Chocolate" is about two young lesbians who move in together after falling in love. However, when one of their mothers moves in with them and discovers that they are friends with homosexuals and transsexuals, they find their relationship on the verge of falling apart.
  9. "Tipping the Velvet" (2002). Based on a popular novel, this film portrays the life of a waitress whose values and life views are significantly challenged when she falls in love with a lesbian who visits the restaurant. However, when the relationship fails, the waitress is forced to reevaluate everything about her lifestyle.
  10. "Lost and Delirious" (2001). A story about three girls at a prestigious boarding school, this film portrays the exploration of teenage girls who are curious about their sexuality. The homosexual relationships among these girls soon turn into intense drama when one girl is forced by social pressure to break up with her lover.
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