10 Best Lesbians In Movies

Here are some of the 10 best lesbians in movies we’ve unearthed to date. Portraying lesbians in movies has become a definitive cinematic hallmark of our open-minded era. From femmes fatales to coming-of-age innocents, this is the definitive guide to lesbian characters in film.

  1. Vivian in “Desert Hearts.” Played by Helen Shaver, Vivian gets our vote for the best lesbian in a movie. She is a professor at Columbia University who travels to Reno, Nevada to get a divorce from her husband and ends up falling in love with a free-spirited woman who works in a local casino.
  2. Megan in “But I’m a Cheerleader.” Everyone says that Megan is a lesbian, though she herself denies it. When she is sent to a homosexual rehabilitation camp, she learns that she is indeed a lesbian – and comes to embrace her sexual orientation.
  3. Randy and Evie in “The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love.” Both Laurel Holloman and Nicole Ari Parker turn in star performances in this movie, making them two of the best lesbians in movies brought to life.
  4. Corky in “Bound.” Gina Gershon plays Corky, a lesbian ex-con who seduces a woman in a relationship with a Mafioso. Together, they form a plan to steal several million dollars from the mafia.
  5. Maggie in “Better than Chocolate.” Karyn Dwyer effectively brings to life Maggie, one of our favorite lesbians in a movie to date. Because, of course, lesbian lovin’ is better than chocolate!
  6. Jessica in “Kissing Jessica Stein.” After experiencing numerous disastrous blind dates with men, Jessica Stein decides to go the other way in this 2001 romantic comedy.
  7. Cheryl in “The Watermelon Woman.” “The Watermelon Woman” is a classic for bringing the African American lesbian experience to a larger audience through cinema.
  8. Polly in “I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing.” She might be clumsy and awkward, but there is something endearing about the character, as she is portrayed by Sheila McCarthy.
  9. Max in “Go Fish.” Max is just one of the many lovable characters in this 1994 film, which features a number of our favorite lesbians in movies.
  10. Lucy and Amy in “D.E.B.S.” Unbeknownst to their sidekicks, the hero is having a steamy lesbian romance with the villain in this hilarious “Charlie’s Angels” parody.
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