10 Best Light Beers

Wondering which are the 10 best light beers? Light beer over the years has drastically improved in taste, causing more popularity with it. With as many light beer options as there are now, it's hard to know which one to choose. Here are what most people consider the top 10 best light beers.

  1. Miller Lite. Miller Lite's slogan, "Great taste; less filling," has become one of the most popular slogans amongst beer ads. This light beer is one of the oldest around, and because of that and the great taste, it definitely belongs on the top 10 best light beers list. It contains only 96 calories in a twelve-ounce can.
  2. Coor's Light. This great-tasting beer is brewed in the largest single-site brewery in the world. Coor's Light has been around since 1873 and contains only 102 calories.
  3. Bud Light. This beer was first introduced in 1982, and beer lovers have been enjoying it ever since. Budweiser claims to use all natural ingredients when they brew their products. Bud Light contains 110 calories.
  4. Michelob Ultra Amber. Amber is a very clear, smooth tasting beer containing 114 calories per can. It was judged best light beer by "Consumer Reports."
  5. Sam Adams Light. This beer has a malty, slightly citrus-like flavor. It was introduced in 2001 and contains 124 calories per can.
  6. Sapporo Light. This crisp, light Japanese beer has only 119 calories per can. It is one of the top ten based on its light, sweet taste.
  7. Amstel Light. Introduced in 1980, this light beer has the perfect blend of barley and hops and has only 95 calories per can.
  8. Yuengling Premium Light. This beer is brewed by the oldest known brewing company in the United States, started in 1829. This top ten light beer is a light version of their original formula. It has a pale golden color and a perfect mix of malt and hops.
  9. Michelob Light. This light lager beer is bursting with flavor, but contains only 96 calories.
  10. Natural Light. This beer is made by the Anheuser-Busch Company. This beer has the perfect mixture of hops, malt and corn and has only 95 calories per can.


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