10 Best Lil Wayne Lyrics About Life

Here are the 10 best Lil Wayne lyrics about life. Lil Wayne is an American rapper and CEO of the company Young Money. He is one of the most chart-topping rappers in the industry. It is mainly due to his witty and clever lyrics and rap verses. Lil Wayne has also been able to add some knowledge about life in his songs.

  1. "Do it big and let the small fall under that."  This life lyric is from the song "Right Above It" featuring Drake. This quote refers that a person should do great things and life and let the smaller accomplishments come last. Sounds like some pretty great advice no matter where it is coming from. 
  2. "Life is a gamble and I'm all about my poker chips."  This quote is from the song "We Steady Mobbin'". The quote directly refers to the fact that Lil Wayne is making it evident that he is all about succeeding and winning in life. Those in gambling with the most poker chips are the winners.
  3. "Life is a beach, I'm just playing in the sand."  This is another life lyric from the song "Right Above it"  featuring Drake. Lil Wayne is trying use a word similar to the word b–ch to recreate the phrase "life is a bi-ch." He cleverly turned the phrase around to make it a metaphor to say he is playing in the sand. 
  4. "If I can’t live free, if I can’t live with the same respect as the next man, I don’t wanna be here."  Lil Wayne is saying that as a man, he wants to be treated with great respect as anyone else. He also is trying to say that if he can't have that, then he doesn't want anything that life has to offer, so he would rather be dead. This quote is from the song "Way Up High."
  5. "I take 3 L’s to the head, love , live , life and I’m dead. This is from the song "Beat Without Bass." Lil Wayne is using the quote to make it obvious that he lives life by loving and living life and will continue to live life that way until he is dead. Living a life with love allows a sense of fulfillment for individuals. 
  6. "Keep your mouth closed, and let your eyes listen." This life quote from Lil Wayne is from the song "I'm Me". He is deliberately trying to say that a person should talk less and watch more. Maybe if some people would take it, they would be better off individuals. 
  7. "And I know this world is so cold and deceiving, but I keep my head up like my nose is bleeding." This life lyric is from the song "Monster". In this quote, Lil Wayne is trying to say that even though the world is cruel, he still will be optimistic. Ignoring the negative things one of the greatest tips in life. 
  8. "I have no stress because I am the best."  This quote is from the song "Get Too Comfortable". This is another life quote that portrays optimism. In life, it is always good to be optimistic. Portraying a positive ego shows a healthy form of self-esteem in life. 
  9. "And my future will be better than my past."  This quote is from the song "Love Me or Hate Me". This is a great quote when people are thriving to be better people. We all get in those situations when we want to become greater and better than we were before. It is always ideal to have a great future. 
  10. "And I swear to everything when I leave this earth, it's gonna be on both feet, never knees in the dirt."  This life lyric is from the song "Mr. Carter". This quote is used to express feelings of greatness. He is using the phrase to say that when he dies, he will not die a loser, but a winner.  
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