10 Best Lil’ Wayne Pump Up Songs

Since Lil' Wayne has a plethora of good, high-energy songs, it's hard to determine the 10 best Lil' Wayne pump up songs. Since his arrival in the rap game in the late 1990's, many people have grown to consider him one of the greatest rappers still in the profession. Whether you're in the club or working out, there are many Lil' Wayne songs that are great for increasing energy and overall morale. Here are of the best Lil' Wayne pump up songs.

  1. ''A Milli." One of his most popular songs to date, A Milli isn't the most up-tempo song but his super fast rhymes get your adrenaline pumping.
  2. "No Ceilings." This song has the namesake of his latest mixtape. The high energy beat and use of bass is a great song to jump around to.
  3. "Miss My Dawgs." This is one of his earliest hits while he reminisces about his fallen friends and family.
  4. "Steady Mobbin." Another classic from Lil' Wayne to get your spirits up.
  5. "Wasted." Lil' Wayne always has a hit with his collaborations. This song is a hit with Gucci Mane's wild lyrics and Wayne's raspy rhymes.
  6. "Lollipop." One of his slower-paced songs, Lollipop is an all-time classic for many enthusiasts.
  7. "Go DJ." This song is an ode to the DJ, and if it doesn't get you hype, it sure will get to the disc jockey.
  8. "I Feel Like Dying." This song is more of a song to slow down to. It still pumps you up if you are the more laid back type.
  9. "Duffel Bag Boy." This song is another collaboration  with heavy bass and treble.
  10. "Make it Rain." If the into to this song doesn't get you hyper, then nothing else will!
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