10 Best Lil’ Wayne Punch Lines

The 10 best Lil' Wayne punch lines are known throughout the hip-hop community. His songs are lyrically cutting-edge. He uses words as puns and punch lines with each lyric and never ceases to amaze his fans.

  1. "I don’t want a broken heart because I’ll lose the pieces" from "Breakin' My Heart". Lil' Wayne's personality is that of a pit bull. He likes to act really tough. So much so, in fact, that he claims not to want a broken heart. Not due to the pain, but due to the fact that he wouldn't be able to start all over again.
  2. "I gotta die with money cuz I wasn't born with it" from "Leather So Soft". For a lot of rappers, they started with humble beginnings. Lil' Wayne is no exception to that. This punch line shows his concern over money; earning it, spending it, and losing it.
  3. "Drag my name through the mud, I come out clean" from "Gossip". This punch line was really directed at Lil' Wayne's critics. In the game of hip-hop, if you can't bring the best of the best up to plate, then you might as well stop. Lil' Wayne says this line to prove that no critic can bring him down.
  4. "Don't we carry choppers on a neck and call it cut throat" from "I'm So Paid". Again, this punch line is all about Lil' Wayne's critics out there. He uses some violent references in his punch lines in order to get his point across better. The hip-hop community is often muddled with violence, however, Lil' Wayne takes violent lyrics and makes them humorous.
  5. "Baby I could bless you and you ain't even sneezin, I could have you dreaming and you ain't even sleeping, I'll be at your rescue and you don't even need me" from "Push".  Having a bigger-than-life ego is often a big defense mechanism with rappers. They display huge amounts of confidence that average people don't have. This punch line shows Lil' Wayne's capabilities to impress anyone.
  6. "Even deaf b*tches say hi to me, she tell her blind friend and she say I gotta see" from "Upgrade U". Again, Lil' Wayne exudes confidence. With this punch line he capitalizes on the terminology used in individual's handicaps. However, Lil' Wayne can take something as serious as being deaf and blind and make it funny.
  7. "Am I the freshest doin' this? Hell yea I am fresher than the prince of Bellaire" from "4 Corners". The confidence is a major part of saying punch lines in rap. Rappers are always playing defense. There are so many critics that Lil' Wayne has to keep up his defense on a regular basis.
  8. "So hot goin' out wit me is like goin' to hell" from "4 Corners". Now, Lil' Wayne is no stranger to scathing reviews from critics. However, when it comes to women he must keep up his defenses as well. With this punch line, he is confident that any woman who goes on a date with him, will have an excellent time!
  9. "I make it rain on ya, you neva make it rain, like southern California" from "Make It Rain". Whenever a rapper has a diss as a punch line, it shows their roots. The hip-hop community tends to weed out the week rappers before they have a shot at anything greater. This is done by doing rap battles. Often times in rap battles, rappers have to diss the other rapper they are doing battle with. This punch line is an example of that.
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