10 Best Lil’ Wayne Quotes About Girls

Ten Best Lil' Wayne Quotes About Girls can be found in almost all of Lil' Wayne's music. Lil' Wayne is a lover for girls and loves to express how it is he feels about girls, whether its good or bad. The affect that women have have on Lil' Wayne is expressed through his music. The following quotes that are listed below will give a perfect example of Lil' Wayne's love for women.

  1. "Good Girl, gone bad, crooked world, wrong path. Right mom, wrong dad." This quote was written from Lil' Wayne's past, as he compared his "right" mom to his "wrong" dad. Lil' Wayne's mother was a single parent, but had some help from his grandmother.
  2. "I knock her lights out and she still shines." Lil' Wayne refers to girls many of times in his quotes, sexually. This quote pertains to the girl being the lights and she still having the capability to shine.
  3. "She got that good good, she Michael Jackson bad." This quote speaks about the good loving that a particular girl can give him. Then he compares her appearance to Michael Jackson's album "Bad."
  4. "Red thick women I adore; Im a whore, you know what I'm a whore." Wayne states the type of women which he prefers physically, and then he goes into saying that this is the type of women which he adores. He looks at himself and calls himself a whore, then repeats the line again.
  5. "Make the girls say my name like roll call; pain killers got a nigga bout to dose off." Wayne always makes it seem as though he has more than one female, and its clearly proven through the beginning of this quote. Pain killers are something that Wayne has been open about taking and states that the pain killers make him dose off.
  6. "I'm attracted to her with her attractive ass." This quote in particular is a quote that sounds as though it repeats itself when said but it has two totally different meanings. Wayne's perspective was speaking on a girl's attraction while repeating it in one sentence.
  7. " I hate to see her go, but I'd love to watch her leave. But I keep her runnin' back and forth like a soccer team." Wayne speaking about a girl going but loving to see her leave. He compares the girl to a soccer team, how she runs back and forth for his love.
  8. "No remote I control women." Control of the many of girls that Wayne proclaims to have is a favorite of the R&B rapper. Wayne compares a remote control that you use for the T.V. to how he controls his girls.
  9. "Started with my girlfriend, ended with her homies." The reason for this quote is to make it seem as though Wayne has a girlfriend, but if she messes up or things go wrong, now it's just him and his homies. Wayne does well with rapping about his domination at game playing when it comes to girls.
  10. "She came to my room thinking it's Egypt and she leave feeling like a parapallegic."The affect that Wayne gives himself toward girls is very high in stature. Wayne compares his room to a beautiful place such as Egypt, and ends with the physical state of a girl once she's left the room."
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