10 Best Lil Wayne Songs To Listen To When You’re Sad

Because Lil Wayne's music is not just party music, here are the 10 best Lil Wayne songs to listen to when you're sad. With over 3,000 records, Lil Wayne has evolved from an upcoming rapper to a seasoned lyricist and rap mogul. He always has something great to offer his fans, as he releases approximately 1 to 2 albums and about 4 to 5 mix-tapes per year to maintain relevance among his fan-base. So whatever mood you're in, Lil Wayne has several songs that can lift the dark cloud over a bad day. 

  1. “Don't Get It (Misunderstood)” expounds on what it feels like when you're all alone in the world and no one understands. It also elaborates on how good people aren't always embraced by the world, as their dreams and ambitions aren't typically along the lines of normalcy in the eyes of others. Lil' Wayne adds his lyrical flare to this record so his views are understood by listeners of all ages.
  2. "Drop the World." When the world hands you lemons, make lemonade. That's exactly what “Drop the World” advises. Released on Wayne's first alternative rock album “Rebirth,” “Drop the World” is probably one of the most eclectic records ever released by this lyrical monster. It discusses how you should use the opposition of the world to acquire strength, and take the world on yours shoulders and succeed, regardless of what people may think.
  3. "The Gossip." While it was only a mix-tape record, “The Gossip” became one of Wayne's most prolific records. The record discusses the critical standpoints of the media, and how they can break down the barriers of a person's strength, privacy in their personal life, and self-worth. 
  4. "I'm Single." If relationship woes have you in a bad space, Lil' Wayne's “I'm Single” is probably one of the best records to listen to and relax. Released as the second single on the 2010 album “I Am Not a Human Being,” “I'm Single” is a mellow, laid-back record that most listeners use to escape the heartache and pitfalls of relationships.
  5. "See You In My Nightmares." As a dual release, this collaborative effort between Lil' Wayne and Kanye West is quite creative, as they use nightmares as antonyms to symbolize their lives. The beat, and lyrical delivery from both artists make this record a great one to listen to on a dull day.
  6. "Sky's the Limit." As one Lil' Wayne's most notable heirs of motivation, “Sky's the Limit” is a self-explanatory record. The record's main synopsis is that there are no limits to your dreams, aspirations, or destiny. All in all, everything about this record speaks motivation to lift your spirits on any day of the week.  
  7. "Hustler Musik." “Hustler Musik” is a modern day story of success and what its like to reap the harvest of hard work. Regardless of what you go through in life, the ups and downs always lead to a better day. The record stresses the importance of longevity and perseverance.  
  8. "Right Above It." Released on the “I'm Not a Human Being” album, “Right Above It” is a collaborative effort with Drake that embraces the beauty of individuality when one stands out and dares to be different.  
  9. "I'm Me." “I'm Me” speaks volumes when it comes to embracing who you are. Lil' Wayne stresses to listeners in this record about how problems and adversity only come to make you stronger. These situations mold you into the person you are, and you shouldn't care about the critical views and judgmental actions of others.
  10. "Weezy's Ambitions" (Ambitions Az a Ridah Freestyle). As yet another motivational ingredient to the rapper's pot of lyrical success, this record captures the essence of obstacles on the road to greatness. It also explains how your ambitions should overpower your adversity to overshadow all opposition.
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