10 Best Lil Wayne Tracks To Make Out To

Lil Wayne is one of the most popular rappers to date and this list of the 10 best Lil Wayne tracks to make out to is sure to have some of his greatest songs in it. Most people know that the right song can set the mood for that special kiss we all love to talk about. Lil Wayne might not be one of the people that comes to mind to set the kissing mood up, but after looking at some more of his songs you will see that there are some tracks worth noting.

  1. "Mrs. Officer". What better song to get you in the mood than a song about a steamy fling with a hot female officer? This one is sure to set the mood.
  2. "Prostitute Flange". This slower Lil Wayne track just has a tempo that is bound to be a good one to make out while listening to. Give it a try and you will be all ready to kiss that special someone.
  3. "Fireman". One of the songs that put Lil Wayne on the map was in credit to this track. Show your partner if you have the fire to be her fireman.
  4. "Knockout". One of Lil Wayne's more recent tracks is a safe bet to go with while kissing. The mixture of Lil Wayne and Nikki Minaj is soothing and up-tempo enough to keep the kissing going.
  5. "Mr. Carter". This track just has that beat that people love to listen to. Put this bad boy on and enjoy the mood that follows.
  6. "With you" (feat. Drake). Lil Wayne teams up with up and coming rapper Drake to set the tone in this track. Be sure to remember this one if you want the right make out song.
  7. "I'm me". Want one of the more chill Lil Wayne songs to kiss to? If you answered yes then this one is for you.
  8. "Lollipop". Who could forget this seductive track from Wayne? Well, if you did here is your reminder to play this track and seduce your kissing partner.
  9. "Right Above It". Another one of the more chill songs that Wayne has produced over the years. Slow up the tempo and play this one if you are looking to slow things up a bit.
  10. "Single". Lil Wayne discusses his single life in this track. Just because Wayne is single doesn't mean you have to be.
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