10 Best Live Bands

Choosing the 10 best live bands is a matter of taste and musical stylings. Take a look at these best live bands and pick and choose your own. Some bands are just awesome live. Other bands not so much. These ten live bands put out some of the best music period. If you have the chance to see these ten bands live, do so or at least check them out online. 

  1. U2: This iconic band provides a stellar show that is better live than recorded. Bono is a great singer and the Edge is a phenomenal guitarist. U2 is the best band live period and with age have proven themselves to be as impressive as ever.
  2. Evanescence: if you only see one band live and you can’t get to a U2 show, then you have to see Evanescence. Amy Lee’s vocals are angelic and awe-inspiring. Seeing her live is breathtaking. Evanescence belts out the best in their live shows and you will not leave disappointed.
  3. Avenged Sevenfold: If you like your music hard and in your face, then you will love Avenged Sevenfold. These Huntington Beach rockers are kick ass from the first note to the encore. Beware, these guys are loud and powerful and then don’t hold back.
  4. The Red Hot Chili Peppers: They get better every album and with age. The Peppers offer an awesome spectacle of a show back up by incredible music and vocals. High energy with a nonstop parade of good times makes the peppers one of the all time best.
  5. The Subways: This little known band States side is a three-peeps band of awesome riffs and great vocals. If you love a woman on bass then tune in, she’s a hottie as well. Great English beat and infectious rhythms all rolled into a tight trio of energy and vim.
  6. Queensof the Stone Age: This rowdy band maintains the truth of instrument and vocals. Their drive and showmanship is always in your face as the stage rocks beneath their command. Great tunes on disc but spin them live and they come to life.
  7. Cradle of Filth: Never underestimate the force behind Gothic metal. This band belts out tunes live like none other. The stage presence keeps your attention riveted and the tunes are flawless. This is a great live band with much to offer a wide crowd.
  8. Nine Inch Nails: This band shows it all. NIN has the visuals, the motion and great sounds. The vocals of Reznor are unmistakable and have to be enjoyed live to get the full NIN experience.
  9. Rammstien: These German rockers have brought back the laser and fire show. Cliché you may think, far from it. With the hard driving music and daunting vocals, laser, fire and girls are the perfect compliment.
  10. Linkin Park: Chester and Mike's vocals are as fantastic live as when they are recorded. The music is spot on and the show flows perfectly. The mesh of music, sights and skill is inspiring and is a show worth seeing.
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