10 Best Long Distance Love Songs

Surprisingly, not every one of the 10 best long distance love songs is a sappy ballad—just a few. These songs will help you get through long, agonizing nights away from your wife, girlfriend or mistress.

  1. “Next to You” This kinetic punk-pop song by The Police includes the lyrics “I can’t stand it for another day, when you live so many miles away." Typical, but The Police set these lyrics to a frantic rock song. And it seems Sting can’t stand being apart from the loves in his life. This is the same guy who wrote “Every Breath You Take,” a stalker-ish ode to an ex-lover.
  2. “2,000 Light Years Away” “I sit alone in my bedroom staring at the walls,” sings young Billie Joe Armstrong in this great long distance love song. Green Day captures the joy of love and the agony of being apart in this catchy pop-punk song off its album “Kerplunk.” Who says punk rockers can't love?
  3. “So Far Away” Singer-songwriters tend to write a lot of songs about long distance love, and Carole King defined the concept of the singer-songwriter with songs like “So Far Away.” This “Natural Woman” sings “Doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore?” asking the question other songwriters were too afraid to.
  4. “Hey There Delilah” A song about some runner that singer Tom Higgenson barely knew, “Hey There Delilah” tore up the charts in 2007 with its universal theme of longing. This is one of the best long distance love songs, with lines like “Hey there Delilah / What’s it like in New York City? / I'm a thousand miles away / But girl tonight you look so pretty.”
  5. “Set the Fire to the Third Bar” Snow Patrol, the alternative rock band from Northern Ireland famous for the hit single “Chasing Cars,” wrote one of the best long distance love songs ever, "Set the Fire to the Third Bar." Its lyrics of pain and loneliness capture the feeling of a long distance relationship. “I'm miles from where you are / I lay down on the cold ground." Don't listen to this song in the dead of winter.
  6. “Here in My Heart” Teen pop stars sure know how to sing a love song, and Tiffany sang one of the best in “Here in My Heart.” This song, written by pop balladeer extraordinaire Diane Warren, contains the lyrics “No distance can keep us apart / As long as you're here in my heart.” Pretty poignant for a mall diva.
  7. “Wish You Were Here” Although this Pink Floyd song is really about emotional detachment (like half the band's catalog), it works as one a solid long distance love song with its title hook and lyrics like “We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year.”
  8. “Slide” Goo Goo Dolls frontman Johnny Reznik sings “I want to wake up where you are” in the band’s single “Slide,” and with these few simple words reflects the wishes of millions of lovers, making it one of the best love songs about long distance relationships.
  9. “Everytime You Go Away” Hall and Oates wrote and recorded it first, but Richard Marx’s version of “Everytime You Go Away,” has some of the saddest melodies of the 1980s, making it a great long distance love song. Listen for it at the end of the Steve Martin/John Candy classic "Planes, Trains and Automobiles."
  10. “A Thousand Miles” With its twinkling piano and strings, Vanessa Carlton‘s “A Thousand Miles“ is one of the best long distance love songs ever written, capturing the lengths people go (or wish they could go) to be with their loves. “I’d walk a thousand miles if I could just see you tonight.”
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