10 Best Long Distance Relationship Songs

Some of the songs on the ten best long distance relationship songs list may surprise you, and a few may already be among your favorite songs. Explore this list of the best of this unique genre, to find some new songs to add to the love song playlist about your long distance relationship.

  1. "I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You" performed by Savage Garden has become an anthem for those who meet on the internet. It's a great song for long distance relationships, as it speaks of love in a much deeper way than the simple day-to-day dating activities of many young lovers.
  2. "Hey There, Delilah" was the hit that put the band Plain White T's on the map of pop culture. It's a song specifically about a long distance relationship and bridging the gaps in distance by a sincere love.
  3. "No Matter What You Do" by Olivia Newton-John speaks about the unconditional love necessary for long distance relationships. It's a song from her album "Gaia," which was written as the singer recovered from breast cancer. The positivity and strength of the album is astounding.
  4. "Right Here Waiting" performed by Richard Marx is a strong song about love. It expresses the patience and true love that a man feels while waiting for the woman he adores. It's about both love and commitment, two important factors in any long distance relationship.
  5. "Faith" performed by George Michael is a fun and deep rock song about long-distance relationships. It is one of George Michael's biggest hits, and perfect for a playlist on love.
  6. "(I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles" performed by the Proclaimers was featured on the soundtrack to the Johnny Depp comedy "Benny & Joon." The reference to miles explains the lengths that a man is willing to go to for love. It's a great symbolic song for the long-distance lover.
  7. "So Far Away" by Carole King is a beautiful ballad for those who are missing their loves in a long-distance relationship. Listening to it can simultaneously ease the feelings of distance. It's a good anthem for those loving and living at a distance.
  8. "You Are Not Alone" by Michael Jackson is a reassuring song for couples in love from a distance. It's a strong ballad with deep lyrics, and it's one of the best underrated songs of Michael's career.
  9. "Missing You" by John Waite is somehow a fun song about missing the one you love. The feel of the song is freeing, and the lyrics are deep.
  10. "You're Still the One" performed by Shania Twain is a triumphant love song. It's a song for long distance lovers who are beating the odds and participating in a healthy, happy long distance relationship.
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