10 Best Long Distance Running Shoes

Looking for the 10 best long distance running shoes? Going to run the distance? Training for a marathon?  Need a shoe that will last mile after mile after mile?  Here is the 10 best long distance running shoes.

  1. Asics Gel Kayano. Asics Gel Kayano is a great long distance running shoe. This shoe makes for great stability and comfort.    
  2. Asics Kinsei. Asics Kinsei is another great long distance running shoe. It does an amazing job forming to the natural transition of your foot. 
  3. Nike Lunarglide. Nike Lunarglide is a perfect long distance running shoe for road running. Running in these shoes improves fitness and causes smooth running on surface roads.
  4. Nike Air Pegasus. Nike Air Pegasus is an amazing long distance running shoe for trail running. This shoe is great for the trails as it is very durable and extremely comfortable.
  5. Brooks Launch. Brooks Launch is winner for long distance running shoe because of its flexibility, support, and light weight.
  6. Brooks Unisex Z3. Brooks Unisex Z3 is also an amazing long distance running shoe.  With its all around stability, comfort, and motion control you can run mile after mile enjoying the running experience.
  7. New Balance MR749. New Balance MR749 is a shoe built for long distance running. This shoe is lightweight, cushioning from heel to forefoot with pronation control to prevent overpronation.
  8. Reebok Premier Road Supreme. Reebok Premier RoadSupreme is a great long distance running shoe. This shoe like it says is built for the road and helps you pull in all those miles.
  9. Adidas adiZero. Adidas adiZerois a high performance long distance running shoe.  This lightweight shoe improves heel to toe action great for training and perfect for race day.
  10. Saucony ProGrid Omni 8. is the stability long distance running shoe. With its softer cushioning and extra stability, it’s perfect for those who need and want more steadiness in their running.

Now that you have some options to train for that big race.  Go out and run the distance. 



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