10 Best Longboard Surf Spots In The World

The 10 best longboard surf spots in the world are spread all over the globe, where they draw in avid surfers each year. To reach many of these spots, you will need to travel far, but if you stay a while, and get out a lot while on location, any surfing trip will certainly be worth it. Following are ten of the best longboard surfing spots in the world.

10 Best Longboard Surfing Spots in the World

  1. Costa Rica. The waters that meet the beach on Costa Rica's Pacific coast are among the best in the world. At spots such as Jaco and Quepos, surfers can have entire days of great waves, and travel from the U.S. to the nation and to its great surfing is short and easy.
  2. Hawaii. many of the waters around this island state, isolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean are ideal for longboard surfing. Try Waikiki and nearby areas for the best waves.
  3. Australia. The Indian Ocean, which meets the coast of Western Australia, has phenomenal waves for longboard surfing. Try surf spots around the city of Perth, which is a major city on the western side of the continent.
  4. South Africa. With tremendous waves found along its entire coast, the southernmost country in Africa is home to some of the best longboard surfing in the world. Try the Eastern Cape or places close by for perfect surf.
  5. Tonga. The entire archipelago has some of the best surfing in the world. Though remote, the kingdom of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean boasts such spots as Ha'atafu Beach, where longboarders can lodge and hit the beaches.
  6. Fiji. Also located in the Pacific Ocean, Fiji holds world class surfing, and any longboarder is sure to find the perfect spot in this island nation. Numerous resorts and lodges cater to surfers, and anyone is sure to find the perfect surfing getaway here.
  7. Tahiti. Located in French Polynesia in the South Pacific, Tahiti has surfing similar to that found on other remote islands in the vast ocean. Consider this island for the perfect vacation.
  8. Malibu, CA. For beginner longboarders, waters found closer to home are better values. Try visiting Malibu to get into the sport. Once the sport has been gotten down, consider going international.
  9. Cape Hatteras, NC. For east coast surfers, Cape Hatteras, located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina (on Hatteras Island) is the place to be. Try coming in the spring or fall, when crowds are down, and waves are up.
  10. Montauk, NY. Long Island, New York's finest spot for longboarders, Montauk is easily accessible for surfing trips by those living in the Northeast. This should be the go-to destination for anyone living in the city who does not want to have to go too far.

The 10 best longboard surf spots in the world listed above may require travel, but any getaway to one of these destinations is worth it. Bring the board, plenty of sunblock, and a wet suit, if necessary, and prepare for a great time.

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