10 Best Longboards For Transportation

Some people prefer bicycles, while others might opt for a pair of running shoes, but there’s still a large community who will take their pick from these ten best longboards for transportation. Comfortable on the feet and much easier to use than traditional skateboards, longboards are far better for transportation and allow for maximum speed and distance while heading your next destination. Ideal for cruising to the beach or busting down a hill, any one of these proven boards will serve as a great alternative to hopping in the car, saving you gas and money.  If you're still not sure if longboards are the righ tform of transportation for you, then watch some top transportation videos to see for yourself!

  1. Sector 9. By far the most popular longboard company in the United States, and quite possibly the world, Sector 9 delivers a myriad of different decks and skate gears to make sure you’re fully equipped. Offering long, thick decks designed to keep people cruising longer and easier than ever, you can never go wrong with a Sector 9.
  2. Loaded. Unmistakable in their design, this Los Angeles based company features flexible, yet strong longboards with side cuts at the front and back for better, more responsive turning. Optimized more for commuting rather than going downhill or doing tricks, Loaded is one of the best when it comes to smooth, clean riding.  
  3. Arbor. Stunning deck art and eco-friendly materials have pushed Arbor into the top level of longboard manufacturers in America. Bold, surfboard-inspired shapes combined with lightweight construction will have you swearing you’re on water instead of pavement.
  4. Gravity. Another environmentally conscious company based in San Diego, California, Gravity uses Earth-Fibe in their boards, which is just as strong as fiberglass but also biodegradable. Flexible and durable in nearly every facet, this up and coming company is quickly becoming one of the best suppliers of alternative transportation available.  
  5. Landyachtz. One of the most diverse names in longboarding hails from Vancouver, and provides unusual, yet highly functional transportation. In addition to their quality decks, Landyachtz offers a variety of wheels and trucks to ensure everyone’s needs are fulfilled, whether it’s your first or hundredth time.  
  6. Never Summer. By using technology originally developed for snowboards, Never Summer devised longboards with long lasting protected tips and tails. Combined with a one of a kind fiberglass deck construction, this creates one of the toughest contenders around, ensuring your ride is not only smooth, but long lasting too.
  7. Original. These guys ratchet their commitment up a notch, producing all of their own decks and trucks, and stocking up on wheels specified for longboards from some of the best suppliers in the world. This truly is construction and design by, from, and for longboarders.
  8. Flexdex. Utilizing the familiar surfboard shape, Flexdex carved out a decent niche among skaters and surfers alike. Just like their name insists, these boards are surprisingly flexible, but guaranteed unbreakable by their confident and capable manufacturer.
  9. Rayne. Highly detailed artwork and bold, side-cut design render these longboards highly recognizable and perfect for sharp turns while tearing up the street. Rayne prides themselves on using the best Carbon-Fiber or Bamboo materials for incredibly light decks which are still capable of surviving the test of time.
  10. Comet. For those searching for a more personal touch, Comet is one of the best available, producing skateboards inspired by the community and using shapes or art from fellow enthusiasts. Each board is pressed and shaped individually, producing a highly tuned and comfortable longboard for everybody.
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