10 Best Looking Boobs

A list of the 10 best looking boobs includes some of the hottest female celebrities on the planet and reads like a men’s fantasy guide. The women attached to these beautiful bosoms are as smoking hot as their bodies are.

  1. Salma Hayek. This Mexican beauty has been steaming up screens for over two decades, but her petite body remains filled out with a pair of insanely perfect and natural breasts. Her vivacious personality and great sense of humor make her even more attractive, but her pair of the best of the 10 best looking boobs makes her a persistent favorite among men.
  2. Scarlett Johansson. No list of the 10 best looking boobs would be complete without this blonde bombshell. Johansson quickly rose the charts of most popular actress after her career got started, in no small part because of a picture-perfect that handles its curves with ease.
  3. Sofía Vergara. Vergara rose to prominence starring in the very popular “Modern Family” TV show, and across America men marveled at this body sent form heaven. With hips to match, this set of the 10 best looking boobs is prominently featured on the show, no doubt helping with ratings.
  4. Christina Aguilera. Aguilera began her career as another teen pop crooner but quickly changed her image into that of a dirty, naughty rebellious brat, and her notoriety went through the roof. She eagerly put on display her body and her pair of 10 best looking boobs. Youtube couldn’t have arrived at a better time.
  5. Eva Mendes. Mendes doesn’t have the biggest boobs by any stretch, but her figure seems to come together perfectly, and suits her face very well. This actress got her start dancing in music videos before moving to the big screen and the way she handles herself and the clothes she wears accentuates her boobs very nicely, and somehow the whole comes out being greater than the sum of the parts.
  6. Beyonce. Beyonce is one of the hottest names in music and men certainly appreciate seeing her strut around the stage, particularly given that he has a pair of the 10 best looking boobs in the industry. With her high energy dancing and form-fitting outfits, America is getting an eyeful.
  7. Emmanuelle Chriqui. Chriqui is best known for her role in the TV show “Entourage.” Chriqui has a very petite figure, which only serves to accentuate her large, round breasts even more. Her sugary sweet smile and innocent looks stop men in their tracks.
  8. Paz Vega. Vega has exquisite boobs and there were on full display in one of her early movies, 2001’s smoking “Sex and Lucia.” Vega isn’t overly voluptuous, but her body beckons, and her bosom makes this list of the 10 best looking boobs.  
  9. Christina Hendricks. Hendricks is best known as the insanely curvaceous and office bombshell Joan on “Mad Men.” Her boobs are often hidden behind period clothing, but men know what lies beneath. Joan is beyond a Marilyn Monroe clone. In fact, in one episode, one character asked another if Joan was “a Marilyn Monroe type.” The response:  “Well, Marilyn is really a Joan.”
  10. Jennifer Love Hewitt. Hewitt’s star has faded since her most popular days as a TV and movie start, but one thing men will always know about her is that she has a very pretty face sitting atop an unbelievable body. Her boobs, big and full, at times seem too big for her frame, but more often than not seem absolutely perfect.
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