10 Best Looking College Campuses

Here’s a list of the top 10 best looking colleges campuses from around the US .Whether you're trying to decide where you want to go to college after high school, or transferring to a university, or are just not sure where to go, check out our list, it's sure to help! We all know what’s important when picking a college—where are the parties, and more importantly…where are the babes?

  1. University of the Pacific. California dreamin’? Check out The University of the Pacific. It's no surprise this campus has been the setting for some Hollywood movies, did we mention 58 percent of the campus is female?
  2.  Ole Miss. These ladies put the capital “B” in beautiful southern belles. With a school slogan like “we may have lost the game, but we’ve never lost a party” who wouldn’t want to go here?
  3.  University of Florida. One of the nations five largest universities, University of Florida provides no surprises here. These bleach blonde ladies take more pride in their looks than their education, but who’s complaining? We'd rather go to an engineering class with a blonde bombshell, than a smart girl any day.
  4.  Arizona State University. These sporty hotties are proof you don't need a beach to have a good time. Be careful around these Sun Devils, you may get burned. Plus, the Walter Cronkite school of journalism is here, come on! He's the most trusted man in America.
  5.  University of Iowa. All were saying here, is we'd watch these girls pick some corn. This is one fine midwest crop. With 30,000 students enrolled every year, you're sure to meet some babes.
  6.  University of Georgia. These peaches sure know how to dress. Don't let their southern manners fool you, these girls are true bulldogs. With the amount of school pride these ladies carry, it’s a surprise the university doesn't offer tailgating as a class. Can you go wrong with the official partner of CBS College Sports? We don't think so!
  7.  UCLA. This school proves that Hollywood is the place to be. With its beautiful cheerleaders and great scenery, there is no question that this school deserves to be on the top 10 list.
  8. University of South Carolina. One word. Gamecocks. All we're saying is these beauties live up to every man’s expectation. Ranked as one of the top schools in the nation for International Business, did we mention 55 percent of the student body happens to be ladies?
  9.  University of Texas at Austin. This pocket of liberal free thinkers have nothing to prove. With programs in nursing and law, not only are these ladies hot, they're wife material!  These chicks are some of the hottest girls in the country, and with the saying “everything’s bigger in Texas” their parties hold their own.
  10.  Virginia Tech. These Hokies are super fine. Not only do they have the beauty—with this being a math and sciences school, they have the brains too. Try and tell us you wouldn’t have fun with some goggles and gloves.
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