10 Best Looking Nude Breasts Of All Time

There are certain topics that get people worked up: politics, religion and debates about the 10 best looking nude breasts of all time are among the most contentious issues in the world today. The best nude breasts are a major talking point because breasts come in all shapes and sizes and some people prize size over shape. There have been many good looking nude breasts that have been publicly revealed down the years but after considering the merits of the finest pairs of breasts throughout the ages, here are the best looking nude breasts of all time.

  1.  Marilyn Monroe. The iconic Marilyn was a beauty who captured the imagination of the whole world when she burst onto the scene in the 50s. She has many physical attributes but her boobs were the best looking nude breasts of all time.
  2. Salma Hayek. The best looking nude breasts in the world today belong to this stunningly hot Mexican film star. Salma has been taking on a lot of roles that involve nudity of late but there have been zero complaints from the public. 
  3. Monica Bellucci. She is one of the biggest stars in main land Europe and it is no surprise considering she has some of the best looking breasts of all time. Both shapely and sizable, Monica has boobs to send sane men crazy.  
  4. Pamela Anderson. These knockers have been around for a long time but they never seem to age. Pammie has the best cosmetically enhanced breasts ever and she looks as if she intends to keep them in the public eye for some time to come. 
  5. Anna Nicole Smith. She came to a tragic end after getting hooked on medication but while she was alive she was one of the hottest women on the planet. She had probably the biggest boobs to be listed on the list of the best looking nude breasts of all time. 
  6. Sabrina Salerno. She tried her hand as a pop singer in the 80s but it did not go too well because she was completely talentless. However, she quickly realized this and resumed her career as a topless pin up. One of the best Pirelli girls of all time.  
  7. Brooke Burke. All around one of the hottest women in creation but her boobs deserve special attention. Brooke has a fantastic pair of hooters and it goes to show that there are some benefits to be had from marrying a plastic surgeon. 
  8. Jayne Mansfield. She had some of the largest and best looking nude breasts of all time and she was not afraid to flaunt them in an era when many women kept their best assets underneath layers of clothing. Without the boobs, Jayne would have been half the woman she was. 
  9. Samantha Fox. She began life as a topless page three girl in The Sun newspaper and after a stint as a pop star she ended her career as a topless page three girl in The Sun. It is best to take the work that you are most suited to and with enormous knockers, her quality was never in any doubt. 
  10. Julie Andrews. Not the name that most people expect to find on a list of the best looking nude breasts of all time but she earned a spot by taking her top off in the film "S.O.B." She always looked as she had something nice underneath that nanny outfit in Mary Poppins and she did not disappoint. 
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