10 Best Looking Politicians

If you think that elected seats are occupied by fat, unfortunate looking women, you need to learn about the 10 best looking politicians. These politicians are both smart and hot. It is like Jack Nicholson said (about Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primaries), “There is nothing on this earth sexier, than a woman that you have to salute in the morning."

  1. Sarah Palin. Until she opens her mouth and starts talking about she can see Russia from Alaska, or reads off important notes from her hand like, "talk about the economy," she is one of the best looking politicians( rated number two in the world by Maxim). Granted, she ran for Vice President despite actually knowing the duties of the position but hey, she has a hot runner's body and her glasses make her look (slightly) more credible.
  2. Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama holds degrees from Princeton and Harvard Law School. Plus, she is fluent in French and have you seen those arms? Michelle Obama has also become somewhat of a fashion icon. There is a Website dedicated to what Michelle Obama is wearing, called, "Mrs. O." The website follows Michelle's fashion through 2010 and gives people the opportunity to buy similar outfits.
  3. Belinda Stronach. She is a member of the Canadian Parliament and a prolific businesswoman. In 2002 Fortune Magazine named her "the second most powerful business woman in the world." If people try to criticize Stronach she has either beat them to it or comes up with clever retorts such as the famous comment directed at 2004 opponent Stephen Harper, "You know, I recommended once that to rise in his polls he should take a little Viagra, but the pill got stuck in his throat and all he got was a stiff neck."
  4. Gretchen Whitmer. Also appeared on Maxim's list of best looking politicians. Whitmer is a Michigan state Senator (Democrat). She also holds positions  on four standing committees. Whitmer graduated from Michigan State Law School and ran for Attorney General in Michigan, but suspended her campaign early.
  5. Nicole Parra. This former California State Assembly Woman is unarguably one of the best looking politicians. She doesn't take any crap and doesn't mind being kicked out of the capitol building because she refused to vote for the 2008 budget. She was voted the "Fourth Hottest Politician" by Maxim and the only thing that would make Parra more attractive, would be if she weren't so conservative.
  6. Mara Carfagna. Formerly a model and showgirl, this Italian politician has been called, "the most beautiful minister in the world." In addition to being hot, Carfagna holds a Law Degree from University of Salerno. Carfagna participated in the Miss Italy pageant in 1997 and entered the political stage in 2004 as an activist for the Women's Movement. Carfagna has posed (naked) for Maxim miore than once.
  7. Tania Derveaux. The most popular candidate for the Belgium Alternative party (NEE) in 2007. Derveaux attracted international attention when she posed naked for an ad campaign intended to make a controversial statement about job creation. The Ad turned into a request for blow jobs.
  8. Yuri Fuyikawa. Japanese politician and subject of a sex scandal, Fuyikawa has been labelled one of the best looking politicians by bloggers everywhere. Fuyikawa is local politician in Hachinohe City, Japan. She is also a member of the Conservative Party.
  9. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Ok, imagine her before she cut her hair into the shape of a football helmet. Seriously though, Clinton was the first female to run for president and she was the leading candidate for much of the race. Clinton was named top 50 "Most Beautiful People" by People Magazine
  10. Ruby Dhalla. Another member of the Canadian Parliament, Dhalla has been a liberal representative in the House of Commons since 2004. She is one of two Indian women to be elected to the Canadian Parliament. Dhalla has been involved in politics since she wrote a letter to the Indian Prime Minister when she was 10. The letter was referenced in an international address regarding the war at the time.



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