10 Best Love Hip Hop Songs Of The 90’s

The 10 best love hip hop songs of the 90's all bring the sentimental concept of love into the real world. These 1990's gems aren't just hip hop with a heart beat, they also include feelings and situations anyone can relate to. These hip hop love songs of the 90's continue to get better with time.

  1. "Passing Me By" – Pharcyde. In the average hip hop love song, the guy usually gets the girl. But in the 90's the Pharcyde was brave enough to paint an honest picture filled with vulnerability. Who can't relate to how atrocious it feels to have the woman you adore use your feelings as toilet paper?
  2. "Bonita Applebum" – A Tribe Called Quest. With its hard drums and 1960's sitar, this 1990's hip hop song made love songs cool without being corny. This song is perfect for that first sunny day of spring after a cold winter. Tribe provides the kind of mellow melody you can play while seeking your own "Bonita".
  3. "You Got Me" – The Roots (feat. Jill Scott). This melancholy love song gets right under your skin with its honest desire to make love work when distance raises trust issues. The "he say she say" banter from a lover's friends that can instigate a break-up is also addressed. Rapper Black Thought makes that perfectly clear: "That snake could be that chick and that rat could be that cool cat, that's whispering "she trying to play you for the fool Black."
  4. "All I Need" – Method Man (feat. Mary J Blige). The sincerity of Method Man's love in this 90's hip hop song is a emotional display of true manhood. Too often, we are force-fed generic signs of masculinity that all revolve around being tough. But this Mary J Blige-assisted dedication to healthy bonds between men and women proves honesty and dedication make a real man.
  5. "Love Me or Leave Me Alone" – Brand Nubian. This 90's love song is one of the best hip hop tunes about not taking love for granted. Brand Nubian lets lust enter the equation as well. Sadat X lets his girl know this: "I'll make your knees get wet in the places I'll pet, I'll make you breathe, faster than you can believe."
  6. "Searching" – Pete Rock and CL Smooth. The bubbling bassline and sensual xylophones that emerge during the chorus make this 90's love song ease any tension. CL Smooth's verbal flirting and playful seduction glide into the music like a figure skater on an Olympic ice rink. This is pure elegant hip hop from Pete Rock and CL Smooth's "The Main Ingredient" album.
  7. "Ms. Fat Booty" – Mos Def. Mos Def creates a clever danceable hip hop song that your feet and brain can equally appreciate. This 90's ode to "love at first sight" has Mos Def earning this woman's attention, even after she previously ignored his advances. His vivid storytelling skills pay off at the end when he finds out that she apparently has a thing for women as well.
  8. "Camay"Ghostface (feat. Raekwon and Cappadonna). This colorful trio from the Wu-Tang Clan paints provocative portraits of the opposite sex with the English language. This 90's hip hop single from Ghostface's album "Ironman" adds a smooth touch to his normally aggressive delivery. You can practically picture this woman he is talking about when he says: "What's your physical degree, thirty one, thirty three, half Hawaiian with a slight touch of Chinese."
  9. “Shakiylah (JRH)” – Poor Righteous Teachers. This funky piano-driven love song showcases the pride in African culture that many artists like Poor Righteous Teachers brought forth in the 90's. You won't hear a hip hop song with women described with derogatory terminology. "Shakiylah" is spoken of with praise – a good woman that deserves a good man.
  10.  "What You Want" – Mase (feat. Total). Mase's silky delivery slides in smoothly with this rhythm and blues-flavored track. He knows just how far to take his intimate talk without crossing the line into musical pornography. Mase just lays down his ideal relationship with ease – not desperation – with this 90's hip hop love song.   
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