10 Best Love Hip Hop Songs

The 10 best love hip hop songs are the real thing. That's because rappers are not usually known for having tender sides. So when they show that side, you best believe it's sincere. Besides, it's better to rap about love than it is to brag about guns and drugs. Below are 10 examples of hip-hop where the heart muscle is utilized, rather than muscles flexed to show off.

  1. "I Need Love" by LL Cool J – Before he needed his own prime time crime show, LL Cool J admitted to needing affection. It was one of the first, and still one of the best, rap love songs. Kids today, however, probably don't know anything about his past life. He can teach young rappers a thing or two about being well-rounded. On this song, he sings about needing love. Sure, we all need the physical, but deep inside, most of us are also romantics at heart.
  2. "One Love" by Whoodini – Speaking of old school, does anybody still remember Whoodini? They had a fine love song. The word "love" was even in the title of "One Love." This band, with the magical name, shares a little bit about love's mysterious magic.
  3. "Best I Ever Had" by Drake –  Drake is the new heartthrob and while how much of what he does is true rap is debatable, when he sings songs about love and devotion, such as this one, he sure does sound like he means it.
  4. "Daydreamin' " by Kurtis Blow – Yes, rappers have romantic dreams, too. Kurtis Blow dreams about his girl – even during the day. Kurtis Blow came from the early generation of rappers, before drugs and crime took over the genre. If more rappers followed in his footsteps, perhaps rap music would be beloved by all (we all know people who hate rap–all rap), rather than just some.
  5. "What's On Your Mind" by Eric B. & Rakim – It's hard to go wrong when you sample a Marvin Gaye song. He was, after all, the soul master of love. The song even made it to the "House Party II" soundtrack. Guys have to ask what's on girls' minds because everybody already knows what's going through guys' heads.
  6. "I Used To Love Her" by Common – Well, when love goes bad, that's also a love song. It's about love; only it's about the love that got away. Common sings of one he loved before, but no longer loves now.
  7. "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars – No, this is not that Billy Joel song. But wouldn't it be funny to hear Joel rap? Nah. Bruno Mars is far better at playing the smooth lover. He likely made it into a lot of wedding receptions this past summer.
  8. "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love by Usher Featuring Pitbull – It's a lyrical idea that's been used many times before. Blame the DJ. But in this case, blaming the DJ is actually a good thing. The connection between music and love is undeniable. Music greases the wheel, if you will, which makes things really start to move.
  9. "Magic" by B.o.B Featuring Rivers Cuomo – This one makes the list just because Cuomo brags about girls coming snapping at him. They'd more than likely snap his head off. He's kind of weird. Cuomo has also recorded with Lil' Wayne. That shows how much Lil' Wayne wants to be a rocker, as it does with regard to Cuomo hoping to be accepted by the hip-hop world.  But this is still a cool track.
  10. "Your Love" by Nicki Minaj – Nicki Minaj is one of the few female rappers going today. She deserve more love. So do other female rappers. But this is a great track, by a rapper who is destined for stardom.
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