10 Best Love Making Scenes

With hundreds of thousands of feature length movies having been made throughout the world, choosing the 10 best love making scenes in a movie is a daunting task. But these 10 scenes definitely showcase love making in rather intense, and in often unique ways.

  1. "Basic Instinct" The one love making scene that roasts beyond the boiling point, more than any movie that I have ever seen, is the full nude bed scene between Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas. The excitement between their two bodies seems to go beyond acting, into the realm of actual passion.
  2. "Wild Things" When it comes to love making scenes, this entire film is red hot to begin with. But things get even wilder during the one guy and two girl, three-some scene. 
  3. "Match Point" Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Rhys Meyers' hot scene on top of each other in the rain in a wheat field raise the temperature in this Woody Allen-directed picture. Their character's forbidden love also amps up the excitement as well.
  4. "Risky Business" Tom Cruise's initial moment of making love to Rebecca De Morney begins with him curiously eyeing her. Then soon he is undressing her, with the wind blowing the door open in true cinematic style, and sending a strong breeze through their hair, visually showing how emotionally charged Cruise's character must be feeling at that moment.
  5. "A History Of Violence" That awkwardly aggressive love making scene on the staircase between Viggo Mortensen and Maria Bello is quite intense. Although their characters are married to each other, this rugged expression of attraction shows that they are also becoming more like strangers.
  6. "Indecent Proposal" Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson take love making to up-close and personal levels. During the scene where they are laying on the floor, they literally can not pull apart from one another.
  7. "Sex, Lies, and Videotape" Andie Macdowell and James Spader make some love making moments worthy of video taping in Spader's character's apartment. And they have no problem living up to the title of the movie.
  8. "Watchmen" A comic book, super hero movie might appear to be the least likely place to find an intense love making scene, but "Watchman" isn't your usual super hero movie. Not only do two of the characters have a steamy sexual moment, but it occurs on a space ship.
  9. "Poison Ivy" Seeing Drew Barrymore making love in the film "Poison Ivy" seems unusual, do to the fact you may mostly relate her to being in comedies and being the child friend of an alien in "E.T.". But Barrymore let's her wild-side roar in a sizzling make-out scene.
  10. "9 ½" Food may give your stomach an intimate feeling of satisfaction as it sooths your hunger. But when Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger pull edible items out of a refrigerator and put them to erotic use, you may never look at the four food groups the same way again.
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