10 Best Love Song Lyrics

Here are the 10 best love song lyrics that have the power to set the mood for the most romantic encounters you will ever experience in your life. You can't just pick any song that says "Love" in the lyrics and hope for the best. You need to make sure you put some time and careful planning into your selection of love songs in order to get the setting just right.. 

  1. Brian McKnight "Back at One" This song is the standard for what love should be. Brian McKnight truly captured the essence of how you should go about loving that special someone in your life while keeping the flame lit for years to come. How does a song's lyrics depict all this you? Well, he talks about going through a personal checklist on how to love, and when he is done, he then starts over "Back at One."
  2. Robin Thicke "Lost Without You" You can't get more loving than by telling your love that you are lost without them. It is a declaration of our need for that special someone's love and no one else's. Its one of those can't eat and can't sleep type of confession that is the ultimate demonstration of devotion and dedication.
  3. Kci and JoJo "All My Life" This song is a classic way of proclaiming your love for that special someone that you know is the one that you are meant to marry. The lyrics state "All my life, I've prayed for someone like you, and I thank God that I finally found you…" That is love on a very mature and deep level.
  4. Jon B "They Don't Know" So often, friends or the outside world tries to tear your good thing apart with the one you love. It is truly a "misery loves company" scenario at times and this song is a love song of perseverance over those trying to break a couple up. 
  5. Secondhand Serenade "Your Call" "I was born to tell you I love you…" Wow! That is a man who believes that he was made by God to love one woman and one woman only. If you have this sort of belief system when it comes to fate and matters of the heart, well then this song is perfect for you.
  6. Usher and Alicia Keys "My Boo" This song is sort of the high school "puppy love" dedication song. The maturity level of the love spoken of in the lyrics is more of a playful pet name type. It's a great love song all the same.
  7. 98 Degrees "I Do (Cherish You)" The title says so much in itself. To say that you cherish someone is probably one of the ultimate ways to express your love. It is almost saying that you worship the ground they walk. The lyrics of this song make for a great first dance at a wedding.
  8. Method Echo "Crown" This band may not be the most known band in the world, but their song "Crown" is more than worthy of making the top ten best love song lyrics list. "Crown" speaks of a girl catching him by surprise and how he was at a loss for words at first. The chorus says "I'd wear you like a crown" meaning that he would want to parade her around the town as a cherished treasure that has a perfect fit like a crown. Great song from a great band. 
  9. 311 "Love Song" This song had to make the ten best love song lyrics based on the title alone. The lyrics go on to say how, whenever alone with that special someone, he always gets the feeling of being home again. No matter how far away, he will always love her. 
  10. Boyz II Men "On Bended Knee" This is truly a love song classic that is a definite "must have" in your love song collection. 
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