10 Best Love Songs About Distance

What are the 10 best love songs about distance? Waiting for that person in your life who is distanced can seem like an eternity when you are apart. If you are missing someone you are apart from due to work, school, etc. these best love songs can be reminders, for you and them, about staying in touch. Burn a CD, send an e-card, or request one of these songs about distance from their local radio station via website address. These songs fit a distanced child, spouse, girlfriend, significant other or friend.

  1. "Faithfully" by Journey. Off of the "Frontiers" album (1983), this love song about distance describes a man's profession keeping him away from his loved ones while at work. "Faithfully" was written by Journey's keyboardist, Johnathan Cain, as a gift to his family about his lonely time on the road and his love for them.
  2. "Patience" by Guns n Roses. Off of the 1988 "G N R Lies" album, "Patience" is a song that Axl sings about failing relationships. Written by the original band members, "Patience" has a foretelling video that shows Axl sitting alone in a hotel room.
  3. "Slide" by Goo Goo Dolls. From the Goo Goo Dolls sixth album released in 1998 "Dizzy Up The Girl", John Rzeznik wrote and sung this song about a young couple still residing with their parents, while in love and wanting to be together. The couple is debating running away to get married to be together.
  4. "Far Away" by Nickleback. Released on October 4, 2005 on the "All The Right Reasons" album. The video shows the wife of a fire fighter is mistakenly told her husband has passed fighting a fire. She finds the call was in error and runs to him overjoyed at having the chance to hold him again. "Far Away" has also been used in television shows.
  5. "Dont Want To Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith. This song, used in Armageddon, is Aerosmith's only number one single in the US and many other countries. The band's front man describes not wanting to fall asleep lest he miss a treasured moment with a loved one. Other artists have done covers of this song have been recorded in country, punk, and r&b.
  6. "If I Die Tomorrow" by Motley Crue. "If I Die Tomorrow" asks the question on everyone's mind – did I do all I can for you to show you how much you meant to me. And if it was not for you, I could not be this good serves as a reminder love song about distance. Originally written for another band, Motley Cure released this song in 2005 on the "Red, White & Crue" album.
  7. "Love Song" by The Cure. From the 1989 "Disintegration" album, the song was written by the groups lead singer as a wedding present to his fiance. The words "However far away, I will always love you" are a key point in love songs about distance. Cover versions exist among other alternative rock bands.
  8. "I Will Be Right Here Waiting For You" by Bryan Adams. This song was written, as well as also recorded, by Richard Marx. "I Will Be Right Here Waiting For You" is a love song about distance that speaks of people using a phone to try to keep the distance between them to a minimum.
  9. "The Waiting" by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. From another Canadian band, "The Waiting" from the "Hard Promises" album was released in 1981 and is a song that describes distance. Frontman Tom Petty describes dreams, hopes and waiting. Some are comparing the riff to that of the Byrd's.
  10. "So Far Away" by Dire Straits. "So Far Away", which was released on the bands fifth album in 1985, "Brothers In Arms" was one of the first digitally recorded albums. "So Far Away" perfectly describes being in love and the distance between the couple. Mark Knopfler is the genius who wrote and sung this love song about distance.
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