10 Best Low Basketball Shoes

What are the 10 best low basketball shoes? When playing basketball, it is often preferred to wear a shoe that not only plays well on the court, but also translates to street wear. Often times, the "Low" style basketball shoe is recommended for this task. However, finding the right duality between the court and street can be challenging. Here are the 10 Best Low Basketball Shoes:

  1. "Nike Kobe IV's"   Not only are these low shoes lightweight, but the grip is outstanding. They help you maintain athletic ability on the court as well as long-lasting comfort off the court. Another great feature about this shoe, is that anyone can have their shoe customized on the Nike web site. The Kobe IV's typically come in a "Wolf Grey/Daring Red" color combination. However, this can be changed to fit the lifestyle of any player.
  2. "Jordan Retro XIV" This low shoe is a throw back to the golden days of retro basketball. The internal lacing system adds extra support during game time. The back of the heel is extremely high. The area around the ankle is low, however. This combination of high and low allows for the best of the worlds of high and low basketball shoes.
  3. "Nike Zoom MVP" This shoe was designed by Nike in honor of Steve Nash. The low style allows for mobility, while the front of the shoe allows for great direction and balance. The key ingredient in this shoe's success is its durability. The reinforced stitching around the mid-foot area helps with the long lasting wear and tear of the shoe.
  4. "Nike Lebron II" This shoe is the second release under Lebron James. By far, the best feature is the Zoom Air Unit that resides in the sole of the shoe. This allows for a much stiffer bottom creating support that will last throughout a game, and then some! The low ankle is also a highlight for street wearing fanatics. This shoe is considered by Lebron to be his "weapon of choice".
  5. "Adidas Gil-Zeros"  These low shoes are surprisingly lightweight and offer excellent cushioning. Traction is never a problem and movement from heel to toe is smoother than most. An additional plus is the shoe's ability to resist stains. This helps with transitioning from court to street.
  6. "Adidas T-MAC 10" The synthetic leather on these low shoes allow for lightweight mobility and make the shoes much more breathable. For this style, it's all about "light speed". Another bonus feature of this shoe is the "ClimaCool" ventilation which allows for the shoes to breathe during game time and keep feet cool throughout the day.
  7. "Nike Jordan Trunner Q4" This low style shoe really exemplifies the translation from court to street. They use the same formats and technologies as most Jordan shoes, except you can freely exercise in the Jordan Trunner Q4 style. Also of note, the varying colorways from shoe to shoe that match any style for any player. The most popular colorway is the Black/Metallic Pewter combination.
  8. "AND 1 Take'Em Low" This shoe has a thinly padded tongue and collar which allows for smoother mobility throughout the game. The mesh material used for the tongue and collar aren't typically seen in other low basketball shoes. Also, its lightweight tendencies help with off-the-court ease.
  9. "Nike Jordan Men's Dentro" This low shoe combines a full-length Phylon midsole and a Nike Air Sole unit to increase performance and mobility. Also, the combination of high performance leathers and synthetic leathers makes for an effortless look. Another important feature is the rounded toe. This lends itself to running up and down the court, making it easier to worry about the ball rather than your shoes.
  10. "Converse Men's Wade" Converse offers up this shoe in honor of Dwayne Wade. The Internal Neoprine bootie offers great support for the foot. The Neoprine bootie adapts to each player's unique pressure points from the foot and the mesh tongue provides much needed breathability while on the court.
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