10 Best Luau Dance Songs

When throwing a luau, you don’t want to just put on some ukulele music and hope everyone somewhat enjoys themselves, you want the ten best luau dance songs of all time!  Jimmy Buffet is great, but “Cheeseburger in Paradise” is not the most fun song to dance to. These ten best luau dance songs will ensure that your luau is the most fun your guests have ever had.

  1. "Misirlou"-Dick Dale. Dale is the unquestionable king of the surf guitar. What better way to get your guests moving than with one of the most popular surf songs of all time?     
  2.  “Wave of Mutilation”The Pixies. This is a unique addition to your luau dance song playlist. With lyrics about driving into the ocean and hanging out with crustaceans, all tied together with a hip '90s alternative sound, your guests will be rocking out to this track in no time.                                                                                                                                         

  3. “Ukulele Lady”Arlo Guthrie. The Arlo Guthrie version of this classic luau dance song is the perfect addition to complete your luau playlist.  It’s a great sing along, and has a classic Hawaiian beat.

  4. “Surfin’ Safari”-The Beach Boys. One of the all time classic surf dance songs, “Surfin’ Safari”  will draw a crowd to the dance floor.

  5. “Surf City”-Jan and Dean. You can’t have too many surfing songs for your luau, and this is one of the most danceable you’ll find.

  6. “Copacabana”-Barry Manilow. Your guests will flock to the dance floor when this Manilow disco classic comes on. It wouldn’t be a luau without this huge hit.

  7. “California Sun”-The Ramones. Add an untraditional track to your playlist with this fun punk cover of the classic surf song.

  8. “Shake Those Hula Hips"-Big Kahuna and the Copa Cat Pack. These upbeat crooners will put a swing in your step with their infectious, catchy big-band sound.

  9. “Surfin’ Bird”-The Trashmen. With a dance beat that will get your heart and your feet moving, “Surfin’ Bird” is one of the all time classic luau dance songs.

  10. “Rock-A-Hula Baby”-Elvis Presly, As everyone knows, Elvis will get your hips swinging.   This classic Hawaii-inspired Elvis song is perfect for a twist contest. 

Don’t let your next luau be a dud, use these luau dance songs to get your guests dancing, laughing and having a great time!

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