10 Best Luxury Car Rims

For luxury car owners, showing off their vehicles rims can give them a potential high, especially if their are included in the 10 best luxury car rims list. Not only do they have in their possession one of the most envied items in the world with their own luxury cars, they also have the perfect accompanying piece on their rims. A car may not have that much reputation in the hierarchy of luxury cars, but the rims it carries could be enough to make people say, “Now that’s a luxury car.”

  1. Ferrari 430 Scuderia Carrying the name Ferrari will already suffice. However, its nineteen-inch wheels not only serve its purpose on the vehicle but enhances its look even further to make it almost aesthetically perfect. The gold-colored theme these wheels carry stamps the elegance a luxury car like a Ferrari seeks to show off.
  2. Volkswagen GTI The Germans are known for their high quality of craftsmanship and even more so for their high quality of resilience when it comes to their products. This is even more evident in the Volkswagen GTI’s wheel rims, which are sturdy, manly and large-looking, all seventeen-inches diameter of it. The GTI’s wheel rims exude a sense of simplicity and ruggedness in its design.
  3. Alfa Romeo 8C The Alfa Romeo is a classic example of how a luxury car is to be appreciated. From its engines, to its body design, down to its wheel rims, it invokes a sense of supremacy on the owner’s part. Twenty-inches of pure perfectly designed forged aluminum, these wheel rims are also known as the 8C wheels.
  4. Porsche 911 GT3 RS Simple and elegant, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS’ wheel rims are available in two distinctively unique colors in the wheel industry: black and orange. Interestingly similar to the look of a spider web, these lightweight aluminum wheels allegedly scream of sexiness in the eyes of car critics.
  5. Audi R8 The Audi R8’s split-spoke aluminum wheel rims are a genuine example of the design philosophy: “Form follows function.” With a luxury car with a reputation as the Audi R8, its wheel rims adds the right mix of accentuation and aesthetic compliments to the whole vehicle.
  6. Infiniti G37 Flowing and bursting with its unique design concept, the Infiniti G37’s wheel rims look ergonomically perfect the moment people lay their eyes on them. The Infiniti consistently ranks high on the list of luxury cars and sports cars. It is logical that Infiniti provided it with wheels that justify its perfect fusion as a luxury car and sports vehicle.
  7. Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Chevrolet borrows credence from the vehicle’s uniqueness in the luxury car industry, so do the wheel rims with varying diameters on the front and rear end with a nineteen-inch diameter for the front wheels and twenty-inch diameter for the rear wheels. These uniquely designed aluminum rims are also available chrome-plated.
  8. Lamborghini LP560-4 When the name of Italian carmaker Lamborghini is mentioned, the first connotation that would come in mind is "racing." This is what defines its wheel rims: strong, enviably reliable and unbelievably light. You would mistake these as racing wheels seen in the pit of a racing arena.
  9. Audi A5 Visibly similar to plane propellers, the Audi A5’s aluminum wheel rims, at first glance, look like lightweight. The design however, is a complete opposite to that. Intended to dynamically distribute weight of the vehicle it carries, the propeller-like spokes of the A5 are actually heavy duty workhorses.
  10. Lotus Exige S What the A5 rims are, the Lotus Exige wheel rims are the exact opposite. Mechanically engineered to look its weight, the matte-black finished lightweight wheel rims serve as the perfect partner to the lightweight vehicle in the Exige S.
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