10 Best Luxury Mens Brands

If you can afford to pay luxury prices, then you want to know which luxury men's brands to buy. The list will help you find what you are looking for, as it includes luxury men’s brands in clothing, jewelry, outerwear, and accessories.

  1. Louis Vuitton: This first one of the luxury men’s brands is better known for its watches, leather goods, belts, ties, and accessories.
  2. Gucci: Those in the market for Gucci short dress or casual boots, ties, wallets and other leather goods, as well as luggage, some designed specifically for men’s clothing, will be satisfied shopping this store for their luxury men’s brands.
  3. Hermes: This store sells ready-to-wear shirts, ties, belts, cufflinks, and handkerchiefs.
  4. Rolex: No luxury men’s brands list would be complete without this well-known seller of watches.
  5. Calvin Klein: Men can find suits, shirts, pants, polo shirts and tees, shoes and accessories, all with the quality expected of Calvin Klein products.
  6. Burberry: This is another must-add to the list of luxury men’s brands. This company is best known for its trench coats and coats, but also sells sweaters, shirts, casual tops, pants, denims, and swimwear.
  7. Christian Dior: Look for truly luxurious suits, shirts, jeans, and accessories here.
  8. Ralph Lauren: Although this brand has had great success with its casual line, it can still be included in the luxury men’s brands list because of its high-quality suits, pants-including chinos, shirts-both dress and sport, tees, shorts, and just about everything else.
  9. Zegna: This is one of the most high-class of the luxury men’s brands. Zegna sells very high-quality jackets, trench coats, vests, shirts, and shorts. In addition, this company offers personal tailoring services.
  10. Ferragamo: Shop here for high-quality shoes.
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