10 Best Luxury Sedans For The Money

The 10 best luxury sedans for the money include some domestic models and a group of import cars. Both imports and American auto manufacturers make sound car offerings that have the mechanical goods, as well as the flashy looks for the luxury sedan buyer. The ten best luxury sedans for the money combine interior comfort, sturdy and safe construction and engines that are top of the class.

  1. Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Mercedes has a tradition for luxury travel and the E-Class fits nicely into that history. The car maker introduced the E-Class more than 50 years ago as a car with both stylish design and performance excellence. This best luxury sedan underwent a total redesign in 2009 that featured a five passenger, full-size body with 268-hp, V-6 or 382-hp, V-8 engine. The seven-speed transmission powers the sedan that is available in two detail packages, including luxury or sport trim. Base price: $48,600.
  2. Acura RL. This best luxury sedan provides a 300-hp engine with 3.7 liter capacity. The VTEC, an Acura branding, features a V-6 and a sequential sport shift automatic transmission. A Bose surround sound system is also part of the standard package. Base price: $46,830.
  3. Infiniti M. This best sedan has speed and the design in 2011 is all new. It's a luxury sedan, but it's also large. The four wheel-steering system is new for 2011, as is the safety features that take over the wheel when the car detects that a crash might happen. For some drivers, this car feature should be mandatory. Base Price: $45,800.
  4. Audi A6. This luxury sedan has a price tag of more than $45,000 and tops out with a tag near $60,000. At that price, the buyer expects luxury and features. This car is large and has space for comfort driving and passenger seating. Standard features include a 3.0-liter supercharged V-6 engine. The Quattro All-Wheel Drive System is an option feature that adds to the price tag. 
  5. Jaguar XF. The Jaguar brand has been around the block for makers, but the car is still in production and the XF offers buyer a top best luxury sedan. The dashboard extras include a start button and a moving rotary shift dial that retracts when not in use. The powerful V-8 or supercharged V-8 are the only engine options. Base Price: $56,000.
  6. Lexus GS. The Lexus sedan has made the best list for a number of years, but the newest GS offers buyers some special features. The 450-horse engine is a hybrid that has power and fuel savings. The Lexus has the stylish looks in addition to the solid body construction. Base Price: $44,150.
  7. Volvo S80. Volvo offers some classic features, including a hand-finished interior made from walnut. Standard equipment also includes a new suspension system and a turbo-charged T-6 engine, in addition to the all wheel drive. Base Price: $40,700.
  8. Lincoln MKS. Lincoln brings in a classic best luxury sedan offering with the MKS. Coming in at a price tag of near $42,000, the MKS offers standard features including active park assist, cooled and heated seats and an EcoBoost Engine. 
  9. Cadillac DTS. Cadillac has transformed an image of a car for old stodgy buyers to a cutting edge best luxury sedan. The entry-level DTS features an engine with 292 V-8 horsepower and OnStar Navigation as a standard feature. A remote starter and  front-flexible seating are also standard options for this best luxury American car. Base Price: $45,000.
  10. BMW 5-Series. The newly designed sedan offers a choice of six-cylinder gas or diesel engines. A four-cylinder diesel engine is also an option for this best luxury sedan. Engine performance includes turbochargers and Twin Scroll intakes. This engine efficiency saves gas and also provides a fast and smooth ride. Base Price: $44,550.
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