10 Best Luxury Sports Cars

Have you ever wondered what the 10 best luxury sports cars are out there? Most car enthusiasts would agree, nothing compares to owning a car that is both sporty and luxurious. Here is a list of 10 of the best sports cars that also provide luxury.

  1. 2011 Nissan GT-R. Hailed as being one of the greatest sports cars ever built; the GT-R is world renown for having a combined sports car exterior and luxurious interior. And with an average price tag of just under $80,000 its cost is about have of its competitors.
  2. 2011 Chevy Corvette. The " Vette " is a legend in America, and is an easy winner, even when compared to high-end exotic sports cars. The Corvette combines a sexy exterior with high performance; its 430 hp V-8 engine takes it from a stand still to 60 mph in just under four seconds.
  3. 2010 Porsche Cayman. Outside of being named one of  Car Driver's  "10 best cars" of 2010, the sporty Cayman has also been called sexy, agile, and very powerful. It has a sleek exterior and luxurious interior will envelop and fit you like a tailored suit.
  4.  2010 Mercedes-Benz SL. The SL is one of the most luxurious sports cars in its class. This Benz is also powerful, and comes with two engine options; the 382 hp SL550 or the 510 hp SL600.
  5. 2010 Jaguar XK. The new XK's sporty design is more aggressive and performance oriented than ever. Its powerful V-8 engine has a 385 hp output, that complements its luxurious interior. The less expensive XK can compete with all in its class whether it be BMW, Mercedes, or Porsche.
  6.  Mercedes-Benz CL. This Benz is classy, powerful, and fast; the perfect combination of performance and comfort. The sporty and luxurious Mercedes Benz CL is, and always will be a symbol of success. 
  7. 2010 Mercedes-Benz SLK. The sleek, comfortable, and sporty convertible SLK is very easy to handle at any speed. You can get this Benz in two models; the 228 hp 300, and the 300 hp 350.
  8. 2011 BMW Z4. Last year, the Z4 was a finalist in Motor Trend's " Car of the year " showdown. It is sporty and powerful, yet sexy and luxurious; its standard retractable hard top lowers in just twenty seconds.
  9.  2010 Lexus SC. The SC has been called an excellent touring sports car; and 2010 consumer reports gave it a top recommendation. The SC also has an extensive list of luxurious standard interior features for your comfort.
  10. 2010 BMW-6 Series. You can own a 6-series in the coupe or convertible body style. Although it handles superbly, don't expect to get high performance with this sports car. But you can expect a high-end luxury cruiser that is more practical than many in its class.
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