10 Best Lyrical Songs

These 10 best lyrical songs are just a few of the best. Rap music is very lyrical, and it snot surprising that this list only covers just a few of the best in recent years. The list also includes rap classics, and if you haven't heard them, check out these lyrically strong songs.

  1. “Children's Story” – Slick Rick. Slick Rick lives up to his moniker on this lyrical song. Using his slick delivery and rhymes, Slick Rick tells one of the first stories in hip hop.
  2. “Rap Snitch Knishes” – MF Doom featuring Mr. Fantastik. Underground Hip-hop heavyweight MF Doom teams up with Mr. Fantastik to rhyme about other rappers. The lyrical content of this song uses biting witticism to poke fun at rappers who discuss their criminal enterprising in their lyrics.
  3. “International Players Anthem (I Chose You)” – UGK featuring Outkast. UGK and Outkast, two pioneers of Southern rap show off their lyrical skills on this rap track. Each member of these duos takes turns lyrically discussing their take on long-term relationships.
  4. “What a Job” – Devin the Dude featuring Snoop Dogg and Andre 3000. Everyone's favorite rappers team up with their favorite rapper, Devin the Dude to create this lyrical classic. Despite his lack of mainstream exposure, Devin the Dude has a solid, lyal fan-base.
  5. “Georgia Bush” – Lil Wayne. This lyrical song is the only one on the list that was never released commercially. Unfortunately, it might be because Lil Wayne's lyrics are a little too expressive about his feelings toward a former U.S. President.
  6. “I Got a Story to Tell” – Notorious B.I.G. Only real Notorious B.I.G. fans know about this lyrical gem from his debut album. Although his lyrical skills are top-notch, listen with caution, its still gangsta rap.
  7. “One Mic” – Nas. Without much of a hook, this is one of Nas's best lyrical songs. This skeleton of a rap song uses a simple beat with elements of storytelling, and a calm Nas demeanor, to help it come together as one of the best lyrical rap songs.
  8. “Untouchables” – Rakim and DJ Eric B. Although he doesn't run with bigger names in Hip-hop, Rakim is one of the most influential rappers of all-time. Rakim shows off his lyrical gifts in this 1990 Hip-hop classic.
  9. “Passin' Me By” – Pharcyde. Another classic rap song, “Mass Appeal” is known for both its lyrical content and its mainstream prowess. Like some of the other lyrical entries, this song features a simple hook, concentrating more on the lyrical content of each verse.
  10. “Bouncin' Back (Bumpin Me Against the Wall)” – Mystikal. Mystikal has always been known for his sharp tongue and quick delivery but, he also has some of the best lyrics. In this ode to the haters, Mystikal spews lyrical motivation to anyone who will listen. 
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