10 Best Mafia Movies

Naming the 10 best Mafia Movies of all time is no easy task, as there are so many mobs in so many places around the world. The most famous mafia movies deal with the Italian mafia, as they appear to be the most romantic in their illegal dealings with their focus on family, religion and homemade, saucy, delicious food in between. However, a few other films about a few other mafias deserve to make this list, proving that mafias, no matter what they eat, who they worship or what crimes they commit, all are really fun to watch kill each other.

  1. "The Godfather": One of the most beautiful, delicate yet brutal films ever made is obviously one of the top ten mafia films of all time.
  2. "Goodfellas": Scorcese's first masterful mafia film is about the modern Italian American mafia told with less beauty but more grit then Coppola's aforementioned masterpiece.
  3. "The Godfather II": Coppola's follow-up to the first, making a sequel that is almost better then the original, a feat unto itself. And it's still the best film with both Pacino and DeNiro in it.
  4. "The Departed": Scorcese shows his range by making a film which may be as good as any film about the Irish Mafia in Boston and the mafia tactics used by the F.B.I. Add Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg to the mix and you've got an instant classic.
  5. "The Road to Perdition": A noirish, gorgeous mafia film about a father and son surviving the wrath of a number of American mafias, Irish and Italian alike. Tom Hanks, Jude Law and the legendary Paul Newman make unique cast of gangsters.
  6. "Miller's Crossing": The Coen Brother's masterful mafia masterpiece about the Irish Mafia in the time of prohibition, yet with that unique Coen Brothers style which makes it different from every other mafia movie ever, with fast-talking characters and shocking amounts of violence.
  7. "The Usual Suspects": One of the best mafia and crime caper films ever written, "The Usual Suspects" takes a different perspective on a Mafia figure killing his own with a Hungarian mafioso being the centerpiece and possibly the devil, no less. Kevin Spacey's performance alone is worth the time you will spend watching this fantastic film.
  8. "Scarface": Cocaine, Pacino playing a Cuban and Michelle Pfeiffer. How many times have you heard quotes, or actually quoted this movie? An accidental classic mafia movie written by Oliver Stone, directed by Brian DePalma and based on how Miami actually became the cocaine capital of the world.
  9. "True Romance": A mafia film about people running from the mob in the smoothest, sexiest style possible. Still Christian Slater's greatest performance ever, but this could also be due to Quentin Tarantino's slick and hilariously violent script.
  10. "Once Upon A Time In America": Sergio Leone's classic mafia movie epic is worth every minute of the three plus hours you will spend watching it. Beware a super disturbing rape scene in the back of a car.
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