10 Best Mainstream Sex Movies

This list of the 10 best mainstream sex movies in the industry set a great example for future film projects. Full sex scenes have made their way into mainstream cinema and can be a great contribution to a movie. It is important to know, in most cases, that the sexual situations are simulated. However, in a few occasions, actors do engage in real sex, an element that truly empowers the film.

  1. "Antichrist" This is the latest movie by the talented and controversial Lars von Trier. "Antichrist" is a horror film about a couple who loses their child and moves to a cabin in the woods to try to deal with their grief. The final product is a movie able to transmit the depression and lack of faith that grows from this couple. 
  2. "9 Songs" This British film is the story of two lovers–Matt and Lisa–during the year Lisa spent in London. They both share a passion of live music and concerts. On its release in 2004, it generated a lot of controversy due to its highly sexual content (real sex scenes containing oral sex and ejaculation).
  3. "The Idiots" This Danish movie, one of the firsts for Lars von Trier, is about a group of people that spend their time trying to be “stupid,” releasing their inhibitions as a way to protest. It generated a lot of controversy due to its sexual content with an unsimulated group sex scene, among others.
  4. "Battle in Heaven" "Battle in Heaven" has a strong first scene that clues the audience on what is about to come. What we first see in the movie is the image of Marcos (main character) receiving oral sex. Then, the plot reveals Marcos being haunted by his responsibility of a baby's kidnapping and accidental death.
  5. "All About Ana" This Danish film is about a young girl exploring her sexuality after being left heartbroken. She moves to France where she develops a series of relationships based on physical connection, trying to maintain her emotional independence. Due to the whole process and growth the character has to go through, this film has several justified sex scenes.
  6. "Inside Deep Throat" This film is a documentary on the world famous porn movie “Deep Throat” and what made it such a huge hit for the porn industry, even launching the “porn chic” trend. Although the documentary is very clean (considering it’s all about a porn movie), it does include a few seconds on fellatio activity.
  7. "Intimacy" "Intimacy" has an interesting plot because it’s all about getting to know the main characters. The plot starts with Jay, a man separated from his wife since they have lost interest in each other, who has frequent casual sex with a woman he doesn’t really know.
  8. "Romance" This film features several unsimulated sex scenes, which was eventually followed by several other movies. The plot focuses on Marie who is looking to trespass the boundaries of traditional sex and is looking for new sexual experiences.
  9. "Irreversible" This movie, with the talented Monica Bellucci among its cast, was considered one of the most controversial films in 2002. The movie is in a non-linear narrative, so the end of the movie is actually the beginning of all the events to come.
  10. "The Brown Bunny" This is an independent American movie about a motorcycle racer (Bud) who starts a cross-country drive on his way to a new race. Along the way he is haunted by memories of his former lover, Daisy. This movie gathered media attention due to the explicit, unsimulated sex in the final scene between the main characters.
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