10 Best Make Out Songs

The 10 best make out songs below make women and men want to fall in love all over again. Love songs make people want to be in love with someone special who treats them like the song says. Men, if you really want to impress and make out with your woman, sing her one of the 10 best make out songs below.

  1. Van Morrison could not have said it better when he sung "Have I told You Lately?" Telling a woman you love her reassures her of the love between you. Women are at a mans mercy when he says I love you. Sing this to her and watch her get excited. This is a perfect make out song to listen to.
  2. Another great make out song is Whitney Houston's "Saving All My Love For You." This songs tells of saving your love for the right person. Saving yourself is the perfect way to say I love you to the right person. This was one of the ultimate make out songs back in the 80's.
  3. "Up Where We Belong" sung by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes is a wonderful make out song. This was the song from "An Officer And A Gentlemen."  A song for true love and the fact it can last when you are together. Make out while listening to this song and watch your woman fall madly in love with you.
  4. Bryan Adams hit "Everything I do I do It For You" is wonderful. A make out song like no other. It tells of a man doing everything for the woman he loves because he wants to make her happy. A perfect song to make out to by candle light. This song is a great dedication song to the one you love.
  5. Another make out song by Bryan Adams is "Heaven."  It tells of a man and woman lying in each others arms and loving every second of being together. Being together that way makes you feel special and content not to mention gets you in a make out mood. This song was also used in the 80's as a dedication song for teens.
  6. Celine Dion sent chills through couples with her song "My Heart Will Go On." It was the love theme to the 1998 film "Titanic." The tale of star crossed lovers on a sinking ship. Celine sung the perfectly for couples while they were making out.
  7. Teenagers in 1982 feel head over heels in love when they heard John Cougar Mellencamp sing "Jack and Diane." A song of two teens who would make it only by living on love. It proves true love will win in the end as long as the two love each other. This is one of the best make out songs ever.
  8. Joe Cocker struck nerves in couples with his song "You Are So Beautiful." He tells the woman she is beautiful in every way that counts. When a man tells a woman how pretty she is, she is his for life. A great make out song for men and women to relate to. This was an all time favorite for many couples.
  9. In 1985 Madonna came out with "Crazy For You." A truly romantic song for couples to fall in love and make out to. She tells the man in her life she is crazy about him and wants to be with him. This is by far a great make out song from the 80's era.This song was used in many dedications for teens and adults.
  10. Profess your undying love by singing "When A Man Loves A Woman" by Percy Sledge. This song is priceless and has been redone several times by various artists. A wonderful song to tell your woman how much you love her. Not to mention it is by far the best make out song over several years.
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