10 Best Male Actors From The ’80s

Looking for the 10 best male actors from the '80s? Every decade has its own particular best, and the ‘80s had plenty of great male actors. Here are some of the best actors from the ‘80s in Hollywood; hopefully this will bring back some great memories!

  1. Michael J. Fox. Who could ever forget Alex P. Keaton from the TV show “Family Ties”? This was one of his most popular characters of the decade, and probably every American girl fell in love with him. Michael J. Fox became one of the most popular actors on TV with that role, but even this was hardly comparable to the success of Marty McFly in the “Back to the Future” trilogy.
  2. John Travolta. Travolta was already rich, respected, famous and popular by the beginning of the ‘80s thanks to the hit musical “Grease” (1978) and “Saturday Night Fever” (1977). So during the ‘80s he continued to make respected movies, and his popularity crossed over even into the ‘90s.
  3. Patrick Swayze. This talented actor, singer and dancer is best known for his role as Johnny Castle in “Dirty Dancing” (1987). This movie made him beloved worldwide in the ‘80s, but it became rather hard for him to grow apart from this role. Luckily, with the hit movie “Ghost” (1990) he was able to make a successful transition to the ‘90s.
  4. Eddie Murphy. Eddie Murphy just happens to be one of the best comedians in America, and the ‘80s was the time for him to show Hollywood he was ready to take over. The hilarious “Beverly Hills Cop” (1984) was among his best, but “Coming to America” (1988) was surprisingly far superior, one of the best comedies of the ‘80s and his personal best of that decade.
  5. Sylvester Stallone. Best known for his action movies “Rocky” (1976) and “Rambo” (1982), the ‘80s were all about Sylvester Stallone adrenaline. During this short decade we all wanted to know what was going to happen next with Rocky, was somebody about to come and beat him up? This story actually went all the way to 2006 with “Rocky Balboa.”
  6. Steve Martin. In the early ‘80s Steve Martin was an experienced and already famous stand-up comedian that had just made his move into the film industry. Actually, he had a very successful transition, and gave us some of his best films, among them “The Man with Two Brains” (1983), “Three Amigos!” (1986) and “Parenthood” (1989). During the ‘80s he consolidated his career as a comedy film actor and director.
  7. Bill Murray. We just love Bill Murray as a comedian, and that’s what his roles were about in the ‘80s. He became notorious with the hilarious “Caddyshack” (1980), but he became huge with “Ghost Busters” (1984), an instant classic. Nowadays, he is still a very respected actor, but his work has moved into dark humor, which is still pretty good, but there’s no comparison with the Bill Murray we all loved in the ‘80s.
  8. Tom Hanks. The ‘80s was the starting decade for one of the best actors of the last 30 years. Tom Hanks is just a great writer, actor and director, and in the ‘80s we started to see a little of what he was about to become. With great movies like “Bachelor Party” (1984), “The Money Pit” (1986) and “The Burbs” (1989), Tom Hanks showed us why he deserves to be on this list of great male actors.
  9. Jack Nicholson. The ‘80s marked a great start for Jack Nicholson. In 1980 he starred in “The Shining,” one of the spookiest movies of the decade. His acting in this movie was very impressive. Another of his films during these years that deserves to be mentioned is “Reds” (1981), which earned him a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.
  10. Harrison Ford. He's also among the best male actors from the ‘80s, impossible to miss after starring in the world famous “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” (1980). His participation and the success of this movie granted him a great decade ahead, and he didn’t let us down. After “Star Wars” he gave us new classics like “Blade Runner” (1982) and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” (1984).
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