10 Best Male Rock Singers

The rock music genre is full of talented singers, but to choose ten best male rock singers is a challenging task. Rock albums, in the 1980's especially, had a few ballads scattered within the screaming and thrashing collection of thunderous songs. Surprising or not, some rock singers have contributed or still are contributing a diverse range of vocal styles that lead them to become known as a top rock singer.

  1. W. Axl Rose. Leader of the “World's Most Dangerous Band” Guns N Roses, Axl Rose wrote and sang both toxic and melodic songs that single handedly brought back the grit and repulse of rock music that desperately needed a voice. With the beautiful “Sweet Child O' Mine,” Rose became the best male rock singer in history.
  2. Freddie Mercury. Mercury, frontman of Queen, had hit after hit including “We are The Champions,” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Mercury performed all over the world in his storied career earning him international fame as a dazzling performer and eccentric showman with a voice that was beautiful and honest.
  3. Chris Cornell. From Soundgarden to Audioslave to solo artist, Chris Cornell has given rock music a unique wide four-octave vocal range. Cornell became famous as the singer of Soundgarden. In 1994 Soundgarden released the album Superunknown, which included hit “Black Hole Sun.” His continued success has earned him a spot as one of the best male rock singers in music history.
  4. Sebastian Bach. Leader of the heavy metal hair band Skid Row, Bach established himself as a high-pitched screamer from their first album entitled “Skid Row” in 1989. Singing from the heart gives Bach the ability to become part of ten best male rock singers of all time.
  5. Layne Staley. The haunting sounds of Staley resonates even after his death. Staley was a troubled soul that let his light shine bright only for a short time in a very intimate way. Layne's voice led his band, Alice in Chains, giving him a spot as one of the ten best male rock singers in the world.
  6. Paul Rodgers. Rodgers started to become famous in the 1960's as the singer of Free and Bad Company in the '70s. His distinct vocal style provided his nickname “The Voice.”
  7. Robert Plant. Long time Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant has a dynamic voice that has carried him for the last 40 years in the music business. The legendary singer has inspired countless singers including Steven Tyler and Freddie Mercury and continues to work with acts such as Alison Krauss.
  8. Ian MacKaye.  Singer of Fugazi, MacKaye's emotions always shine through in every song he sings. With his song “I'm So Tired,” MacKaye's sadness and honesty gives him a dark horse choice as one of the lesser known male rock singers to be included.
  9. Jim Morrison. The "Lizard King" started singing with his back turned to the crowd. Morrison's raging screams on “ Break on Through” go against every soft sound he sang on “Indian Summer.” Aside from being one of the most charismatic frontmen in music history, he also wrote his own music and poetry.
  10. Michael Stipe. Eccentric and humble, Stipe is a thought provoking singer/songwriter that was ahead of his time, but carries an old soul aura. His sincere delivery has spellbound audiences for almost thirty years. Many words can describe his lyrics such as complex, hard hitting, and surreal. Stipe is a known social and political activist and talented film maker. Stipe's songs conjure up vivid memories of the common people and he shows how heartfelt words sang with emotion can bring you respect and admiration.


Best Rock Vocalists

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