10 Best Manual Trucks Of 2010

These are the 10 best manual trucks of 2010. Driving a manual truck is not only more fun, but makes more sense if you need or want to go off road. With a manual truck, you are in total control of the power delivered to the ground, and additionally have a better overall fuel consumption. Even though that, some trucks still are not available with a manual transmission.

  1. Ford Ranger Sport. You can choose between a 2.3 liter and a 4.0 liter engine, both of which have a very responsive five speed manual transmission. Even though it has not been redesigned in the last few years, this American classic wont let you down. That´s why it´s the best manual truck of 2010.
  2. Toyota Tacoma. With a 2.7 liter four cylinder engine, the Tacoma sports a five speed manual transmission. Even though it´s a rear wheel drive, it still proves efficient off road. Combined with a well proven design, more than ten years have passed since the last substantial update for this truck.
  3. Dodge Ram 2500. If you like the smell of diesel, the Ram 2500 powered by the long proven Cummins 6.7 liter engine throwing out an astonishing 408 HP is surely making you smile already. On the other hand, you must forget about fuel economy and give away some comfort pretensions, but you will be able to pull with this rig.
  4. Nissan Frontier. Available engines are a 152 HP, 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine, mated to a five speed transmission, and a 261 HP 4.0 liter V six, paired with a six speed transmission. Also, the available equipment options are wide, from the raw XE to the well equipped SE, the luxurious LE and the PRO-4X off road model. You´ll be amazed at the Frontier´s handling on the off road. On the low side, the interior´s materials could use a rise in quality.
  5. GMC Canyon. This truck, available with manual transmission both in rear wheel drive and four wheel drive, does not impress by it´s features or performance. However, the 2.9 liters four cylinders engine provides enough power for a comfortable ride.
  6. Chevrolet Colorado. You can choose a manual transmission Colorado to be regular or extended cab, but you will have to be pulled by a 177 HP 2.9 liter four cylinder engine, which some say does not provide enough power for the heavy duty user. Nevertheless, it´s a nice little truck for the weekend pickup user.
  7. Suzuki Equator. The new kid on the block in the truck market, Suzuki offers it´s version of the Frontier powered by a decent 2.5 liter four cylinder engine, paying more attention to economy than power, but it comes cared for finish and offers a smooth ride. Let´s see what can Suzuki do to improve this truck in the next few years, and make it stay within the ten best trucks.
  8. Dodge Ram 3500. Just as it´s smaller brother, the 3500 provides a lot of power. But given the fact that it uses the same power source and drive train having a bigger body, it´s performance tends to be lower, unless the wind is really blowing strong.
  9. Ford F250. A very powerful Diesel 6.7 liters V eight engine that delivers 390 HP makes this heavy duty truck able of most of the duties out there, from plowing to towing and loading. And in addition to the classic design, it received just cosmetic touches during the last decade, which gives Ford three models within the ten best trucks of 2010.
  10. Ford F350. Similar to what happens with the Dodge trucks, the bigger body comes the same power base. The election of a F350 can come from the need of a wider wheelbase or duals for towing, but it's essentially just a little bigger and heavier than the F250.
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