10 Best Martial Arts Epic Movies

Wire-Fu, CG special effects and good old human agility have combined to create some of the most exciting action films around. These are the 10 best martial arts epic movies.

  1.  “Enter The Dragon”-  Bruce Lee is a martial arts legend for a reason. Sadly, Bruce Lee died before the movie’s release, but his impact on the world of Martial Arts will never be forgotten.
  2. “Seven Samurai”- An older movie, but one that certainly earns its place on the list. A samurai is hired to aid a town being raided by bandits. He recruits six of his samurai buddies, and they all teach the townspeople how to defend themselves in exchange for food and shelter.
  3.  “Fist of Legend” This retelling of “The Chinese Connection” stars Jet Li. It is a familiar story, a martial arts student must avenge his master’s death. The action is incredible, and Jet Li proves himself as one of the best martial arts actors around.
  4. “The Legend of Drunken Master”- Jackie Chan stars as a fighter who must learn the art of Drunken Fist Kung Fu, which is as entertaining to watch as it is effective in combat .This film incorporates a lot of slapstick comedy as well as martial arts action.
  5. “Ong Bok”– Tony Jaa doesn’t need any wires, CG, or stunt doubles to totally blow you away. Watching this movie, it’s hard to imagine that all the action you’re seeing is real, and that’s why “Ong Bok” made it into the top 10 martial arts epics.
  6. “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”- A fantastic movie with just as much substance as action. “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” tells an epic tale of a stolen sword, a mysterious ninja, and love. The visuals are breathtaking, from the landscapes to the aerial martial arts. Even though there’s obviously a lot of wire use, the action is still amazing to watch.
  7. “Hero”- Another martial arts epic starring Jet Li. Set in China before the rule of the first emperor, it tells the tale of the strongest ruler of the six feudal kingdoms, Qin, and an elaborate plan to assassinate him.
  8. “The Matrix”-There are a lot of mixed reactions surrounding the 2 sequels, but almost everyone can agree that “The Matrix” is a spectacular film by itself. The world is overthrown by machines, and humans are harvested as a source of energy. They are kept in a state of virtual reality known as The Matrix. There are trench coats, guns, sunglasses and enough kung-fu to satisfy anyone’s tastes.
  9. “Kung-Fu Hustle”- This film has garnered quite a cult following. There’s plenty of intense action enhanced by no small amount of CG. A small town has to defend itself against the advances of the vicious Axe Gang.
  10. “Unleashed”- You might never have expected to see Morgan Freeman in a martial arts movie, but there he is. Of course, all the fighting is handled by martial arts master, Jet Li. Now, it might seem unfair that Jet Li gets so much time on the top ten list, but then you have to take into account the fact that he was able to move too fast for cameras to film.
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