10 Best Mass Market Beers

This list encompasses ten vastly different types of mass-market beer, and all of them are worth drinking. When choosing a mass-market beer, the thirsty consumer has to decide on a course of action:  what is he in the mood for, and what type of beer, in general, appeals most to the parched connoisseur? Choosing is a matter of taste, but it is also an issue of quality.  A top caliber brew reflects the tongue’s standards, which should not only be met, but should be exceeded.

This listing of the Top Ten Mass Market Beers has been constructed to inform any potential seeker of a tasty beverage of the Holy “Beer” Grail contained in ten different breweries across the globe.

  1. Guinness Draught is the 250-year-old champion of Ireland, the world and this list!  This smooth black brew is a medium bodied stout with a taste that is almost as delicious as having one of Arthur Guinness’s micro-brewed pints in Dublin 200 years ago. Guinness is not too bitter, especially for a dark stout, and is refreshing in any season of the year.  There is no smoother beer, as the can or bottle do not carbonate the beer until they are opened, and pouring a draught down the side of the glass allows this unique beauty to settle from gold to black with a perfect rich cream-colored head.  This is a mass-market beer masterpiece!
  2. Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout is a close second to the powerhouse from the north, Guinness. The Oatmeal Stout is remarkably exceptional in its robust taste, with a sweet finish.  This is one of the lightest stout beers on the market, and it is not overwhelming at all. In fact, besides being incredibly rich with an almost tropical taste-eruption coming from its black depths, the beer is so light it could almost pass for a black lager. 
  3. Samuel Adams Summer Ale is, like nearly all of the numerous kinds that Sam Adams brews, a truly delicious and full-bodied work of art.  Unlike most American beers, Samuel Adams Summer Ale is hoppy, substantive and reminiscent of great European draughts in the multiple flavors that emerge after sipping this. The Summer Ale in particular has a caramel color and a slight lemony bitter-sweetness to it that is fresh and makes the warm months.
  4. Michelob AmberBock is a caramel flavored black lager type beer that is affordable and very satisfying.  The Amber Bach’s body is light to medium and not too filling.  This black brew is not sweet, but is very flavorful.
  5. Red Stripe brings the joys of the tropics and bottles them in an unusually ugly bottle.  This Jamaican import has a taste that is like no other.  Red Stripe Lager is light, but not too light in body, is easy to put back and yet packs a punch of flavor.
  6. Blue Moon is one of the rare American beers that speak of wheat and strong citrus ingredients.  The light almost orange body signals a phenomenal kinship to a taste of orange and an utterly stark smoothness; this brew should put Corona out of business. 
  7. St. Pauli Girl and St. Pauli Girl Dark, for dark beer lovers, is a lager to praise.  The medium body is a little on the bitter side, but full of flavor that is delicious and unique to St. Pauli Girl.
  8. Beck's beer is another European masterpiece.  Becks brew is a hoppy medium bodied lager, and is great in the Becks Dark version as well.  Becks is very similar to St. Pauli Girl and Heineken in appearance and quality, but is different in taste.
  9. Bass Ale is a light to medium bodied ale import.  There are no ales like this, as it captures a bit of microbrew quality to it, and it is very easy to drink.
  10. Heineken Dark and Heineken are staples of lager drinkers that want more than a generic tasting Budweiser-type beer has to offer.  The black lager is medium in build, has a nice head and is a smooth tasty pour.
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