10 Best Melodic Death Metal Bands

The 10 best melodic death metal bands offer a look into a genre of music that is growing in popularity all over the world. A melodic death metal band incorporates angelic vocals with brutal screaming and music to create a unique experience for the audience. If you do not already own the catalogs of the 10 best melodic death metal bands, then you should go out and get them.

  1. Arch Enemy. Arch Enemy is from Sweden and they have been around since 1996. The band was started by guitarist Michael Arnott who has past experience in bands such as Carcass and Carnage. The band has seen several personnel changes and, as of 2010, is fronted by female metal singer Angela Gossow.
  2. Children of Bodom. The Children of Bodom formed in Finland in 1993 and, like many other bands on the list of the 10 best melodic death metal bands, has gone through several personnel changes throughout its history. Guitarist Alexi Laiho formed the band and has seen label and personnel changes affect the output of his band. As of 2010, the band has only been able to release six studio albums in 17 years.
  3. The Black Dahlia Murder. The Black Dahlia Murder has played all kinds of venues all over the world. They are most noted for headlining large venues in Europe, and then playing to 100 people in a club in the United States on the same tour. The band was formed in Detroit in 2001, and have been prolific with their songwriting and touring ever since.
  4. Carcass. Carcass is one of the veterans of the melodic death metal scene and definitely worthy of being on the list of the 10 best melodic death metal bands. Guitarist Bill Steer formed the band in London, England in 1985. Since then the band has released a long list of EPs, albums, collaborations, live works and DVDs.
  5. Opeth. Opeth was formed by singer David Isberg in Sweden in 1990. By 1993, only Isberg and guitarist Mikael Akerfeldt were left as the original members of the group. But Opeth kept on recording music and is one of the few bands on the list of the 10 best melodic death metal bands to have an album debut on the US album charts when their album "Ghost Reveries" (2005) debuted at number 64.
  6. Between The Buried and Me. Between The Buried and Me was formed in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2000. The band has experiencied turnover in personnel but vocalist Tommy Rogers and guitarist Paul Waggoner remained as the band's only original members, as of 2010. In 2003 alone the band went through two drummers, a guitar player and a bass player.
  7. At The Gates. At The Gates was a melodic death metal band that formed in Sweden in 1990. The band broke-up in 2008, but they remain on the list of the 10 best melodic death metals bands for their lasting influence on the genre. Their release "Terminal Spirit Disease" (1994) is considered by many to be one of the best albums of the genre.
  8. The Faceless. The Faceless is a melodic death metal band formed in Encino, California in 2004. The roster of past members of the group is longer than the members in the band, as of 2010. Founding member, bassist Brandon Griffin, left the group in 2010 leaving guitarist Michael Keene as the only original member in the 2010 lineup.
  9. Amon Amarth. Amon Amarth is one of the other elder members of the list of the 10 best melodic death metal bands. The band was started in Sweden in 1988 and took its name from a J.R.R. Tolkien book. The band has remained mostly intact since it was created and, as of 2010, it has released seven studio albums.
  10. Kalmah. Kalmah is a melodic death metal band from Finland that was formed in 1998. Their release entitled "They Will Return" (2002) helped to make Kalmah a fixture at death metal festivals all over the world.
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