10 Best Melodic Metal Bands

Here are the 10 best melodic metal bands. What is melodic metal you ask? It is a sub-genre of death metal. It is often characterized by its heavy style, but its subject matter can be lighter than death and doom including topics such as fantasy.  Here are the best of the best melodic metal bands.

  1. Priestess. This is a Canadian metal band that came on the scene in 2003 and released its first album in 2005. Their music has the melody of new-wave British metal, but the intensity is fierce. Check out their album "Hello Master" released in 2006.
  2. Excalion. This melodic metal band is from Finland. Allegedly the name was suppose to be "Excalibur" but they got the name wrong. One thing they got right was the music. "Waterlines" which was released in 2007 is a great example. It is heavy and rich and will not disappoint.
  3. All Ends. From Sweden, this band started in 2003, and they captured the essence of melodic metal. Listen to "A Road to Depression" to get a sense of what this band has to offer.
  4. Avenged Sevenfold. This is a melodic metal band from California. Their earlier work is not as closely aligned with the genre, but their third album "City of Evil" (2005) is what you want to listen to if you are looking for a great melodic metal band.
  5. Dawnless. This Switzerland band was around in 2003 but officially released an album in 2006. "A Way of Escape" is what you will want to listen to to showcase their talent as a melodic metal band.
  6. Shy. This is a great British metal band that dates back to the 80's. They are a real talent and truly embody all that an authentic melodic metal band has to offer its listeners. Check out "Sunset and Vine" released in 2005 .
  7. Hard Line. This awesome band was started by two brothers Johnny and Joey Gioreli. Keeping things in the family was a good idea here, and metal fans around the world have cause to celebrate. Their third album "Leaving the End Open" released in 2006 is one of their best.
  8. 65 Days of Static. This Denmark metal band is definitely less well known then the others on this list. Despite that fact, they are a true force to be reckoned with and were a must to include on the best of melodic metal band list. Their debut album, "The Fall of Math" is an essential title for a true metal fan.
  9. Treat. Perhaps the name might throw you, but listen to "Scratch and Bite" and you will see that this band has the sound and feel of a great melodic metal band.
  10. Amorphis. This band evolved into a more melodic metal band even though they started off more as a death metal band. They used an epic poem of their country, Finland, some of their music. Check out their album "Silent Waters" to get a sense of what they can do. They wrap up the list of the best melodic metal bands.
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