10 Best Memorial Day Weekend Getaways

You only have three days for this holiday, but going to any of these 10 best Memorial Day weekend getaways will definitely be memorable. With the various activities that you can do in these places, those three days will truly be satisfactory.

  1. Atlantic City, New Jersey: Here you can find the famous Boardwalk wherein you can spend your days lounging under the sun in the sandy beaches. For food and dining, there are restaurants serving superb seafood. If you're up for a game of poker or blackjack, there are several casinos at the seashore town. Atlantic City is truly one of the best Memorial Day weekend getaways.
  2. Malibu, California: Experience the Pacific Ocean paradise in Malibu, one of the best Memorial Day weekend getaways. You can try your hand at surfing the local beaches or just relax and soak in the sun.
  3. Las Vegas: This place is the perfect Memorial Day weekend getaways for adults, but it's also fun for kids too. There are several hotels and resorts that you can choose from, and from shows to amusement parks to gambling, this place will never run out of fun activities to do.  
  4. Walt Disney World, Florida: Also included in the best Memorial Day weekend getaways is Walt Disney World. It may be a bit crowded on Memorial Day, but if you have made your reservations in advance, it could be a perfect weekend for your family.
  5. Independence Square: If you are close to Philadelphia, then this is where you should head. Here, you can look back at the country's history while you visit the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.
  6. Austin, Texas: Another great city for a Memorial Day weekend getaways is Austin. Here, you can find various museums, galleries and music venues, as well as fun places for savory dining. You can also visit the historical Congress Avenue.
  7. Charleston, South Carolina: If you want to feel the essence of the old south, then the best place to go for your Memorial Day weekend getaway is Charleston. It would be good to take a look at the past in this city's rich culture and history.
  8. Chicago: With its Midwestern vibe, Chicago is definitely one of the best Memorial Day weekend getaway destinations. There are numerous things you can do here including the Memorial Day parade which you should never miss.
  9. New York City: As part of the Fleet Week, celebrating Memorial Day in New York is a can't miss. Have fun watching the sailors and marines parading with their elegant uniforms along with all the usual tourist attraction the Big Apple has to offer.
  10. Washington D.C.: The nation's capital is indeed one of the best Memorial Day weekend getaway destinations. Here you can witness the parade which showcases various military units, veterans, marching bands, and many other attractions.
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