10 Best Men’s Break Up Songs

The 10 best men's break up songs include hard rocking standards and a few sentimental tunes that might even make you cry. We all know that breaking up is hard to do, but for men, breaking up requires more than just a sob song. Some men in the throws of a bad relationship might need some venom to live through the situation, and songs are one way of getting over a break up. 

  1. "Evil Woman" by the Electric Light Orchestra. A chart-topping break up song that hit the airwaves in 1975, this is a great men's break up song for guys who just want to vent over a woman. The lyrics claim, "It's so good that you're feeling pain, but you better get your face on board the very next train." 
  2. "With or Without You" by U-2. This break up tune finds the poor man with his hands tied, his body bruised and "she's got me with nothing to win and nothing left to lose." Not exactly a vantage point for a guy in a bad relationship, but it's a good song for a man immediately after a break up. 
  3. "All Good Things (Come to An End)" by Nelly Furtado. This song is more wistful than angry. The verse tracks a hot affair that goes from "flames to dust" and "lovers to friends." It's a break up song for a hot flame that now is nothing but a good friend. 
  4. "I Don't Want You Back" by Eamon. This tune is for the ultimate break up and sometimes is called by the alternative title, "F* You," that is featured in the lyrics. If you're angry and upset over a break up, then this song is a must play. 
  5. "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" by Bob Dylan. The master folk rocker has advice for the couple in this best men's break up song. He knows the relationship is over  leaving he's fine with it. Dylan leaves her with "You just kind of wasted my precious time." That's one great brush off. 
  6. "I'm Leaving Now" by Johnny Cash. This song begins with "I'm letting you go like a hot horse shoe" and Cash tells the woman that he's tired of getting his heart broken. If you're one to come back for more and finally want to cut things off, this song is a best break up song. 
  7. "Feel a Whole Lot Better" by the Byrds. The title line finishes "And I'll probably feel a whole lot better when you're gone." It's rude, but it humming along to this tune might make you feel better. The verse claims that the singer is "not going to play your games any more" and this might resonate with some who had to break up with a game player. 
  8. "Would I Lie to You?" by the Eurythmics. A great ditty for a break up where you're sure you're not coming back. The verse claims "I've packed my bags." and the person challenges the ex to "Watch me walking, walking out the door." The chorus repeats "Believe me, I'll make it." 
  9. "Song for the Dumped" by Ben Folds Five. Another tune for the angrily dumped. The verse asks for the return of a black tee-shirt and more importantly, "Give me my money back." It's a perfect break up song for a dude who has emptied his bank account on a woman. 
  10. "It Hasn't Happened Yet" by John Hiatt. This tune deals with a woman who tells her friends that you'll be back, begging her to come back. The song covers all the basics. She tells you that you'll be sorry if she went away and that you'll crawl back to her. Hiatt's song is the best men's break up song.
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