10 Best Mens Running Shorts

If you're like a lot of men, you don't want to spend time shopping, but learn about the 10 best men's running shorts and where to buy them so you can run in comfort and style.

  1. Nike Dri-Fit Switchback Men's Running Shorts  If you are tired of wearing running shorts as small as your girlfriend's, these are the best running shorts for you. These modest shorts will keep you dry and comfortable without weighing you down. Bonus: There is even a small pocket for your MP3 player.  
  2. Nike Dri-FIT Tempo Track Men's Running Shorts If you are comfortable with showing off your manly legs, the tempo track running shorts give you the freedom you want. They are durable, yet lightweight; best for warm weather and hard workouts.
  3. Two-In-One Men's Running Shorts Best running shorts for men with more muscular legs. These shorts have a built in mesh liner to help prevent chafing. 
  4. Nike Essential Dri-FIT Tight If you like more umm…compression in your running shorts, these mid-length tights are for you. Different from other compression shorts in that you don't feel like you are running in silk boxers, they are also versatile enough to wear in both warm and cool weather. 
  5. Race Day Men's Split Leg Running Shorts This is as short as it gets. With a two inch inseam, you won't have anything holding you back. The fabric is engineered to "wick" moisture away from your body for maximum comfort. Bonus: These running shorts are good for the environment. 
  6. Saucony Men's Elite Split Shorts You can really fly with these barely-there performance shorts. These look great on Ethiopian marathon runners and stocky sprinters alike. 
  7. Pearl Izumi Infinity Running Shorts  If you are looking for more coverage, the Infinity is the best affordable longer short (but not so long that you think you are wearing basketball shorts) which lets you move comfortably. The Infinity also lets you hide your keys in a secret back pocket without letting them flop around.
  8. Pearl Izumi Mavericks Shorts For those of you don't think the built-in briefs are very manly, the Mavericks shorts give you more room with a seamless boxer/board short lining that will also keep you from chafing.
  9. Brooks Mens HVAC Synergy Shorts These performance shorts are the best running shorts for early morning or late night runs. They have 360 degrees reflective detail, so you don't have to worry about getting hit by a car. You will stay cool with they lightweight polyester, which prevents moisture and odor from building up.
  10. Boston Marathon AdiZero Split Shorts Basically, they look really cool. Since men's shorts are usually only available in black or blue, neon green stripes down the side is pretty exciting. Most importantly, Adidas designed these shorts to move with you, so they won't ride up or chafe.
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